iPod nano 8GB 6th Generation Digital Player (Orange)

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iPod nano 8GB 6th Generation Digital Player (Orange)
$119.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Same price with various colors.

I believe that is $10 of the MSRP and IMO the best color available.

These go for 129.99 shipped directly from apple…And you can get it engraved for free…

So you are saving…$5? Great deal?

Wow . . . it’s like $10 off the regular retail price. Whoop de do.

Nobody’s buying these! NEXT!

If it was the 16-gig version it would be more of a deal, but the 8? Not so much.

Lets hope that they only have one…

Ha, looks like there was only one.

Good Job on the description text - I was almost able to sing along, poorly mind you.