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Hi All,
I’m trying to get some comparisons (that and a bag o crap) on iPod vs other MP3 players. In Feb i bought an iRiver here for my bro. Fortunately his was one that worked properly. Many people seem to have probs with it, and as i look so do others with ipod. I am truly confused and don’t want to get one that will be problematic. Thoughts??


ipods do have problems. i have a 4th gen 40gb ipod. and 85% of the time it works perfectly, and i got it for $80, so i can’t complain. but sometimes it just won’t turn on, until i get home and plug it into my computer. i have never tried using any other mp3 players though. but i love my ipod for the price i got it. it was well worth the money.


I know absolutely nothing about this subject, but that’s never stopped me before!
First of all consider how much space you need, for some people a cheap 512 MB one will be enough. Do you want to play movies, or view photos? Do you need a PDA or a phone? (manny PDA’s have a mp3 function, although it may not have as long a battery life) There are manny things to consider, and the first thing you need to do is decide what options you want.


I usually don’t prefer I Pods, Too over priced and lacks features like radio and recording, but its hard to get the stabailty to the I pod in other mp3 players. I prefer the ones that support Microsoft’s DRM, so you can use napster, yahoo, rhapsody, etc…


all good info.
Anybody think i should get an iPod from Best Buy or simialr store so it can be returned or from iPod so i can get it personally engraved?
I just plan to use it for pics and music, i am thinking of getting a 30 gig.


I recommend getting it(iPod) off of a website and getting the $50 insurance. It’s well worth it. And I’m actually getting a 60GB Video. I can put my PC movie collection on it. Definitely worth it. Still cheaper than an Archos. Plus you get the feeling of being cool/trendy =P.


How big is the screen? 2.5? Hardly worth watching any movies on it, when I see a person with a ipod, cool nor trendy come into mind, more like sucker.


Ive had an ipod for about too years now and i cant get enough of it. Tee beauty of it is the simplicity. The format is so easy to use. On other mp3 players ive used scroling through songs is a hassel on the ipod however it is a easy. Also considering the amout of storage you get the price is not that high.


I’m completely against the iPod and everything it stands for! Fortunately, Microsoft and Gates got on the bandwagon and introduced some new stuff.

Just released on 5/31, I went and bought the new Toshiba Gigabeat S… OMG… This thing is awesome… My only issue is it ‘syncs’ with Media Player 10+, however, there are ways around it…

Picture quality? Beautiful.

Video / TV quality? Beatiful.

Music quality? Even better.

Now this may be a bit more than you were looking for, but look at previous ‘non-video’ models in the gigabeat line. If they’re anything like my new baby, then I think you’ll be surely impressed!


You might want to check out an earlier thread I started: “IPODS love them or hate them?”, too:


And now you can get the terlitt friendly iPood docking station!!!


LOL! I know! I can’t believe they made one to go over the toilet roll. Brings to mind thoughts of how unsanitary that would be. (guy take IPOD off toilet roll and hands to a friend): “Wanna use my IPOD?” “Ah, no thanks, dude.”


I’m not often in there long enough for a whole song . . . let alone how many gigs worth?!?!?


What music/books either real or fictitious would you use with the toilet roll IPOD holder?
audiobook: Yellow River by I.P. Freeley
music: Sitting on the Dock of the Bay by Otis Redding


didnt really read other posts but im for ipod i got a nano, it rocks


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