iPod Touch 64gb or iPod Classic 160gb?

Ok, I need the opinion of some fellow geeks. So my Fred Flintsotne style iPod Photo has finally bitten the dust and I need something new. It was 30gb, and is almost full, so I figure if I get the Touch, I’ll need the 64gb for room for apps, video (neither of which are available for the Photo), and eventually more music. Or I can spend $130 less for the ipod classic and get three times the storage, but no apps. I don’t really know what’s available app-wise from the app store, but I have an HTC Incredible (Android) and there are plenty of apps for that; maybe I wouldn’t need the apple app store to be happy. Lastly, if I break down and get the Touch, what I’d really want it to do is to download updated podcasts overnight on it’s own without any user intervertion, but I’m told it won’t do that. Anyone know if there is an app for that?

I tend to stay away from apple products. Mainly my long-time hatred of itunes has caused it. However, I will say that in my situation, I have a Zune 120gb (not the touchscreen HD Zune) and I have a new EVO 4G. I use my Zune for mass portable media storage, and my EVO for apps and website browsing. I have well over half of my Zune full, so the smaller sized portable devices wouldn’t work for me. But if you want two devices with lots of multi-use functionality, go for it. I prefer to have one multi-functional device and several other devices that specialize in what is most important to me.

iPhone user, iPod Touch and 1st Gen Video owner.

iPhones are great because you can use everything on the go. If you’re in the smartphone market and you were looking at a touch, it really is worth it to make the jump to phone.

That, in turn, brings up my pro/con for touch versus classic.


Pro -

-Larger screen
-App store
-Wifi-based - Email/Google maps (lets just say this came in handy when I was 19 and lost deep in detroit)
-New-agey touchscreen technology and the fun it entails.
-Better handling (and viewing) of videos

Con -

-Limited to wifi, obviously
-Less storage
-Battery life can be fairly meh sometimes.
-Lack of physical controls for pocket music listening


Pro -

-Compatibility (Touches and phones have less compatibility with some devices and you’re always updating things)
-Durability (You don’t have a giant glass screen to worry about/scratch and ruin the device)
-Physical controls

Con -

-No fancy wifi email/google maps/calendar (actually interfacing with exchange/google calendars is pretty useful to me)
-Smaller screen (watching an actual video on a touch isn’t so bad if you’re laying in bed or something. This is squint city)
-Lacks (poor quality) speaker.

-HUGE CON - No app store. The app store is pretty awesome. There are tons of apps for various tasks, but the big pro for me is gaming. If you get one, grab the openfeint app. You can download a new game that normally costs a dollar or two for free every day. I have about 70 different games that i’ve gotten, and I solidly enjoy 15-20 of them. My biggest pro is puzzle/quick play games. If you have a couple of minutes to kill and you can whip out your mobile device to play a card/puzzle game (think: waiting room, shuttle bus, etc) you’ll be content.

So there are pros and cons to each situation.

Are you a person who wants it for entertainment or just music? The music controls are better because you don’t have to orient your fingers on the screen to press buttons. The only pro for the touch is shake-to-shuffle in that regard.

EDIT - I missed the bit about your android phone. Yeah, you’d probably want to stick with that if you’re happy (especially given ATT service), but everything else applies.

Edit 2 - I think regardless of which ipod you have, you should be able to set a sync that pulls down podcasts your itunes library has picked up.