iPower Grow Lights

Hi,is this an auto volt apparatus? We use 220v here so I want to be certain that I wont have to use a transformer for this one. Does all units include the bulb and it comes and sold separately?

I’d like to help, but I’ll need to know which item you’re asking about. Can you please provide a link to the product your looking at?

I can’t believe residents of Colorado aren’t flooding this sale.

Maybe they don’t like tomatoes

Everyone from CO bought them in the last Woot!


I see what you did there

$150-200/year to operate a 400W lamp 8 hours a day. That’s a lot of money for tomatoes.

Does anyone know if any of these light sets would be good for tropical’s? I have a coconut palm and a Chinese fan palm that I’d like to keep growing, or at least alive this winter. I live in Missouri so leaving them outside is not an option!

Time to get your grow on… within the confines of the law of course.

The DEA and ATF payed me a visit shortly after receiving these. They saw what I was using them for and they went on their merry way. Great stuff by the way. Operating cost is not much of a concern when you use solar cells.

Chinese fan palms are often used as indoor plants so it should be fine inside through the winter without supplemental lighting.

Psh, we’ve had tomato growing stores supplying lighting for years now.

I hope you are kidding lol please tell me this isn’t true. If so that is pretty insane wasting tax paying dollars to see why people are purchasing grow lights I am pretty sure there are more serious problems. Anyways the solar cells are a great idea how many watts are you running?

Happened in KC, too. Apparently they were going through this family’s trash, “field tests” proved positive (lab tests of course were negative), and the broke down the door in the middle of the night, handcuffed the dad, meticulously searched the house, nothing showed up because he was hydroponically growing vegetables in the basement with his son. Lawsuit’s going to hurt the city of Leawood.


Washingtonians do!

Will be just fine with the light from the window (even indirect). Established plants lean more towards dormancy rather than death when light is limited. It’s more important you keep the palm far away from freezing temperatures.