iPower Growlight Accessories

No hydroponics?

Hey, at least we got the power trimmer that will preserve the buds!

And how hard is it to find a stock tank or two, some PVC pipe, rain gutter, and a pond pump to go with the timer?

Finally something weed related. Took you long enough woot.

“This trimmer will cut twigs, remove leaves, and preserve buds from a variety of plants.”

All they need is a charcoal filter

All joking aside, I would love to have something like these to grow tomatoes indoors. We have so many pests here in the summer time that it is not even worth the effort to grow outside. Woot, please keep this type selling going.

Run it’s the cops!

You’re finally getting the idea, woot. Good work. Now focus on some hydoponics and you can gladly have more of my money.

What no free shipping to Colorado and Washington? :wink:

Well, it’s legal here, so I guess it’s starting new hobbies.

Now, where’s Bong-WOOT?

Dear DEA,

I am only here to point out some confusion, " ’ " means feet or foot, and " " " means inches. So when I see 25" ducting with 6" clamps, I think, “Well what’s the point, I still need to go to the store for some 25” clamps."

Now please do not going running to the NSA to see what else I do on the internet.

Thank you,

A wooter.

Hmmmmm, someone was typing a bit too quick I guess. I’ll send it in for fixing.

Retail hydroponic kits are junk. You can design yourself something effective for $200 and just scale up from there. Aeroponics is >. Overall, I still prefer soil – which all of this can be used for.

Woot could help by selling some substrate, net pots, PVC, pumps, some T5 lighting equipment etc.
iPower isn’t the greatest stuff either, I’d definitely spend a little on an Titan Controls timer for insurance.

You can grow a significant amount of food (especially food greens and tomatoes hydro/aeroponically) in a small area. Cool hobby, but, again, I’d rather you guys, if you have space, went out and planted a garden – does a lot more good.

Anybody know how loud the inline fans are? I have sort of been looking for something like this for my loft. I have pretty long runs of ducts for my bathroom and stove ventilation. Also, if it is off will it allow airflow back - since it would be nice to have the outside air shutoff when not in use.

Woot= Knives, flashlights and now PotWoot!

I thought people were starting to switch over to LED based lighting for the massive energy savings over conventional grow lights.

The trimmer is pretty awesome though…

Nancy Botwin must be lovin this

Not really. She hates competition.

They are, but it’s difficult to match the lumens/PAR with LED of traditional lighting. T5 is the go-to right now. But, nothing beats the sun.

I agree with you 100%. That’s what I was implying when I said hydroponics. I should have been more specific and said “accessories” though. I’m quite experienced with full self made and purchased hydroponics kits.

Specifically, I could use some quality nutrients and/or pH testing as I run through this stuff pretty quick.