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weed.woot.com? Sure, why not?

weed.woot? What? Why wait!

You know everyone on this thread is on a watch list now, right? If the government can collect everyone’s phone metadata, how hard can it be to track electrical usage with those nifty “smart grid” electric meters that report power usage wirelessly and real-time?

If you’re going to fill your basement with these, steal power from your neighbor, is all I’m saying.

Some utilities do watch for “unusual” changes, ie. big unexplained jumps in the loading. At least we used to at the electric company that I worked for in the 90’s. We would go check it out to see what was going on. It usually meant that there was an undersized service line that needed upgrading because someone turned their house into a restaurant or small business or something like that. But, if there was no explanation (a two bedroom house pulling 4-5x average load over a few months) we would turn it over to the cops.

“We have so many pests here in the summer time that it is not even worth the effort to grow outside.”

I raise my tomatoes from seed inside, starting about February, under regular shop lights from Home Depot, regular fluorescent bulbs. Today my plants are 6’ tall and covered with small green tomatoes.

You do need to use heat mats with tomato seeds and pepper seeds.

Get some seeds from Burpee.com called 4th of July and you will be pleased. The only reason I go to all that trouble from seed is that these tomatoes are sturdy. They don’t get sick, resist pests and make delicious tomatoes. Con: they are only about 2" wide and I like the ‘one slice per bread’ but you can’t beat these for taste and strength

Spend over $100 and receive a year’s supply of Doritos at no extra charge.

For what reason would you justify such an action? For buying too much overpriced energy? I didn’t know it was against the law. You may want to reconsider such actions in the future because I am someone who would have tried to hold you personably liable for the intrusion of privacy. The healthcare industry are not the only ones who are compelled to keep customers’ data private.

I have 1 no instructions WtH, where do i get them??