iPower: Growth For Victory

Darn it, Woot, you got me all excited thinking you had LED grow lights. Boo on your headline picture.

My thoughts exactly…Boo on you Woot.

Boo! Pic makes it look like they are selling LED grow lamps.

Fooled me too :frowning:

Super disappointed to not see any LED lamps! I’m all ready to update my citrus room to LED this winter.

Couldn’t agree more! this isn’t the first time the headline picture isn’t available for purchase! What up with that anyway? Shame on you!

LEDs vs metal-halide / high pressure sodium don’t compare. The MH / HPS produce far more lumens than a LED. A 12 watt LED which is comparable to a 60-75 watt incandescent will provide about 700 - 800 lumens where a 1000 watt MH can produce 180k to 220k lumens, not to mention the wide spectrum of light thats available by switching HPS with MH throughout the growing cycle.

Are they those dwarf citrus trees? My mom wanted those and bought a “set” of 4 but I ended up having to take care of them. (At least you don’t have to walk them. lol)

I’m seriously considering the T5 lights for them at this point. Do you think they’d help?

One died, the lemon tree is down to 4 leaves. But it’s been like 3 years now, so it’s not like they just up and croaked out of the shipping box. I got several lemons off that poor little lemon tree, I’d hate to see it die.

(I replied to a post but anyone who knows can answer.)

Ok, so, I guess my question is how many lumens do you actually need for, say, a citrus tree? Or a tomato plant?

At what point is it overkill?

They’re still alive thanks to the window, but when winter comes around the trees are usually just barely hanging in there.

Well the sun produces more lumens then you will ever be able to produce with a lamp, so the answer as much as you can, while keeping the plant environment temps down, as these light produce a lot of heat so the higher power lamp the more fan and cooling you will want, otherwise you will get hot humid temps and molds and such.

I agree – definitely not the first time. It’s like someone at Woot thinks they discovered the concept of bait and switch, and doesn’t realize that other people have thought of it before and it’s actually illegal.

They’re just using the old category pic from an earlier sale. You’re not purchasing some mystery equipment using that pic as the basis, so I highly doubt it could possibly count as illegal. Annoying,perhaps, but not illegal.

MusicTV would have been sued out of existence decades ago.

Well yeah the sun makes lots of lumens, but the sun is not inside my house. I thought the proximity would make a difference. I guess if the plants start to catch fire, it’s too much. lol

Anyway, I’m just going to get a T5 fixture and see how that works out. I don’t want to run up an electric bill too far in excess of what I’d save on the grocery bill. “Because I can” only counts for so much justification.

You’re wrong about that. You’re not allowed to advertise an item you don’t have for sale, in order to get customers to come in and see what else you have. That’s illegal. To be specific, in Texas (where Woot is based) it’s section 9 of the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act.

You don’t have to take my word for it… http://codes.lp.findlaw.com/txstatutes/BC/2/17/E/17.46

Considering the…tenuous past relationship the primary target market for igrow products has had with law enforcement, i doubt Woot will soon be sued out of existence.

Oh, no argument there, and not just because of the stuff in this particular sale. They’ve done it plenty of other times. But it’s teh interwebz; everything is legal, until you get caught.