iPower Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent

Measures 48" (length) by 48" (width) by 80" (height)

There’s no way that the pictures are representative if this is 4x4.

My thoughts exactly. Sloppiness and ambiguities like this have become all too typical of Woot, unfortunately. One of the light kits they are featuring currently is also a bit of a head scratcher, since it says 400W a few times then 1000W a few times right below that.

Sorry about that. Photo is correct. The right size should be 96"X48"X80"

Wow, talk about crabby about a simple typo. The corrected dimensions are listed below. Go on with life.

I like seeing things like this on the app and would like to see more of a variety. Great job woot!

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