iPower Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent

I am skilled gardener. Rather enjoying perusing the herbal equipment. Think I need to learn some new skills.

Wow, these are selling really well in Colorado. And California. Oregon, Nevada, Massachusetts… a pattern emerges…

Curious as to why not Washington?

happy 4/20

Naw. I’m from Pennsylvania. They just gave women the right to vote like last year. We are way behind.
They legalized some version of marijuana, some kind of inactive oil. It’s been a while since I read the law, but it’s worthless.
They’re legalizing it to try to battle heroin deaths. My little imovirished county has like the 2nd highest opiate death rate in the nation.
Ha! I asked my internet friends where a person gets weed at these days, and they said the Middle School has the best prices.
So, that’s when I ended my search for weed!
yes, and happy 4:20 to everyone

I have the same problem with chronic pain. With the restrictions the Gov’t has put on pain killers anymore one cannot take enough prescription stuff to last the day. (yea 12 hr oxy’s my a$$, they still last about 2 hrs just like the old 2 hrs stuff did.) I do live in a pot legal state and have relatives who make cannaoil. I have started taking that with some success. But you do have to be able to find it and/or get to it.

Dam ol’ thunderthighs has me all giddy about the bidets tomorrow. Dam I hate wishing my life away but for this I will. Hurry up tomorrow!

I wonder, can one grow radishes in those grow tents?

Woot needs to sell that Colt45 shirt.

Happy 4/20!