iPowerPro 120w Ultra Slim Power Inverter

Good price for a cheap power inverter.

I love fast selling items time!

of course it does…no wait, it doesn’t. im just bored.

Two please. Thanks

Previous sale…


I soooo didn’t say ‘when’s the harvest’ but hilarious regardless.

in for two… NEXT!!! SHOW ME A GOOD LABTOP or 50in TV

I picked up 3 last time they were here. Cheap stocking stuffers. It’s handy having one stashed away under a seat in your car, just in case you need it.

can handle 1.1 jiggawats

I’ll take two thank you. Never know when you might just need this little guy.

I bought two–one for each vehicle. Our laptop batteries don’t last long enough to play an entire movie for the kids on a long car trip–this will be great for that.

Keep in mind that these are rated at 90 watts for actual operation. The 120 watts is just ‘surge capacity’ for starting (very small) electric motors and similar devices. So if your laptop requires more than 90 watts, this won’t work for you.

what about that extra 0.11?

That’s what portable DVD players are for, but i guess this is cheaper.

Will the air adapter work on bicycle tires or is it only meant to air up car and truck tires since it says auto??

Yes, this is cheaper. :slight_smile: If they had a portable DVD player for $6.99 I’d buy that, though.

This would also work for powering cell phones, since my spouse seems to have lost my $25 adapter to plug the cell phone into the car.

Got three! One for my motorcycle.

Just in case you were serious, the “air” is for “airplane power socket” not “air inflation of tires.”

Hmmm, so it won’t run a laptop? The other link said they would. Maybe I should go to bed and stop buying things.