iPowerPro 150 Watt Power Inverter with Universal Dual Voltage Auto/Air Adapter

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iPowerPro 150 Watt Power Inverter with Universal Dual Voltage Auto/Air Adapter [New] - $9.99 + $5 shipping

1 * iPowerPro DW-USAAA-DV-BX 150 Watt Universal Dual Voltage Auto/Air Adapter

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Bought 2 of these when they were last on Woot. Work great in the car. Traveling internationally in April and hope to use them on the plane to power laptop movies…hoping TSA won’t worry about them.

This one has USB! Awesome. So, you can charge your phone without having to plug your computer into one of the AC outlets

Got one last time around as well. It’s compact and seemed to work just fine powering a Dell 10v on a long trip, but the design of the AC outlet made it easy for the power brick to fall off from vibrations in the car. If you buy one, consider putting a few large rubber bands in the carrying case to keep AC adapters plugged in.


man, i’m wooting tonite… in for the headlight thing on woot.com(bbq’ing at nite is awesome) and 2 of these for my 2 cars and twins on the way…

here’s that previous woot.

bought one then and it works great.

This price beats everything on Froogle…


And Amazon is WAY high…


I’ve been hem-hawing on an inverter for several months now, so here goes!

in for two!

As far as I know, any laptop will draw under the limit of 150 watts. AKA, this can be the super-portable-laptop-charger-thing.

Also, with 50 watts left over, you can charge your multimedia-player-of-choice while charging a laptop. Apple, Microsoft, Creative, Sansa, etc.

However, the “only” critical flaw with such a power inverter is that, in some cars, the fuse for your cigarette adapter may be too low. 12VDC * X = 150W. This means that X, aka the draw on the circuit, will be 12.5 Amps. Some cars do limit it to less than such an amount, and this may blow said fuse. However, if put into airplane mode (assuming I’m reading the description correctly), 12VDC * X = 70W means that the X is 5.833 amps, which will definitely suffice under any current car.

In the short, this thing is perfect for charging laptops and multimedia players and other USB devices. Only drawback may be the car model if they have an adapter port configured for light draw (which can be fixed with a simple fuse switch.)

In for one.

Perfect! In for 3 - leaving one in Europe. Been looking for one that did both voltages… USB a huge plus!

This may be my first sellout.woot purchase!

Going up a fuse rating is a simple fix, but not exactly safe, especially if they used light guage wiring to match the smaller fuse.


Great deal! How can you go wrong at this price? I’m in.

Does this have a fan? How loud is it? Does the fan whine at a high frequency? How hot does this get with laptop use?

Bought two last woot. It does have a small fan, which has a noticeable but not particularly shrill whirring sound (at least to start… who knows what it may sound like after a year of use).

BTW, I received two different models with the same model number on the box. One was thicker, had separate A/C plugs for US and overseas, and handled grounding 3-prong plugs with a slot to conceal the 3rd prong when plugged in. The other was thinner, had only one plug that should handle either US or overseas, left the 3rd ground prong of a 3-prong plug exposed. Both work well, though… I’d Woot again if I needed another!

I agree with other posters that the A/C outlet is relatively loose, and plugged-in devices fall out too easily.

– Brian

Only makes a noise if you drop it.

I missed them when they were on WooT but my “cell mate” (the guy at the next desk) got one and it’s great. I asked if it got hot and he said it stays cooler than the laptop power supply that runs his Toshiba.
Not sure if that is a fair gauge though since the Toshiba power supply can fry an egg.

I picked one of these up for my recent trip to Aruba, figured it would be handy for the lengthy plane ride. Unfortunately JetBlue does not have the ports on their planes. I already have a car inverter so I haven’t tested out that part. But FYI if flying JetBlue…

I’m in for 2…my husband has one in his car and it is very useful. I missed out on it last time it was on woot.

Will it pass security to get onto an airplane?

Does anyone have a list of aircraft’s that provide the necessary outlet for this thing? While it would be nice for road trips, I’d really rather have one that will work when I fly cross country. Nothing depresses me more than when my laptop dies halfway through my flight. I tried looking up the EmPower in-seat power supply system but couldn’t find what planes/airlines use the system. Thanks.