iPowerPro 150 Watt Power Inverter with Universal Dual Voltage Auto/Air Adapter

www.seatguru.com seems to have some information regarding laptop power connections on different airlines/plane models

Some airplanes have the plug you need some don’t… I know they claim it works on American but I also know for a fact that not all American flights have the necessary plug in all the seats.

The other problem is this things says you have a switch for plane or car and in plane mode it has only 75 watts… that isn’t enough for my macbook pro which draws 85 watts… I’m guessing this would be enough to power a small net book type laptop but might not be enough for larger laptops… so before you even consider it make sure the laptop you will be traveling with is going to draw less than 75 watts or it wont feed you enough power in the planes.

If my laptop requires 90W and I supply 70W, will it simply drain the battery more slowly (a rate of 20 Watt-hours per hour instead of 90), or will it just not work?

This won’t be as interesting as the other posts… allow me to apologize in advance.

I use a powerchair and/or scooter to get around big events a lot… is there any reason I couldn’t use this device to keep it charged while in the car?

I do not see why not… The only problem may be the rate at which is is charged. If you draw too much current, then it will burn this unit up and or blow the fuse in your car. If you want to charge the items mention, I would recommend a much larger inverter and have it hard wired direct to the battery.

Why wouldn’t it? A power inverter doesn’t smell like explosives and has one moving part (fan). Does TSA prohibit you from carrying cameras on board?

In fact, like the poster above, your laptop would get power, but not enough to recharge its battery. So sure you can use this as a power source to extend the battery’s charge on a long flight. Then you can definitely see that movie you were waiting for.

I bought one last time, planning to replace an older unit I used to travel with all the time and lost. I never used the new one: it’s HUGE. Just one look at it and I knew I’d never take it on a plane. Might be fine in the car or if you like packing heavy.

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This thing is noisy!