iPowerPro 150 Watt Power Inverter

I think it might kind of suck to be the guy who writes woot descriptions during a Woot-off. Who has a chance to read his/her witticisms? Particularly this woot-off when they are throwing out all the Blue Oyster Cult items one or two at a time.

Does it work with a Mac?


I actually need one of those.


Got one of these in a bag-o-crap. Works well, nice and small, decent case. Worth $7.

. . . so this is that hot sought after item ??

a power inverter ??

Darn it. Read about it as soon as it came up, decided I wanted one, and it was already sold out.

seriously annoyed at the crap server behaviour during this WO. Add to this the fact that I’ve tried THREE times now to get items, and with the short supplies they’ve been offering, all have been sold out by the time I finish finalizing the order… :frowning:

Does Apple know you stole their i?