iPowerPro 150W Universal Auto & Airplane Adapter

What about grounded AC plugs?

Well, you obviously won’t get grounded from this, but if it’s anything like the one I have (different brand), the device profile is so slim that the ground pong goes outside of the unit and you can still physically plug it (most likely)…

But once again - do you WANT to plug in a device that requires ground into this and take your chances???

Buy.com had it for $14.99 with free shipping a few weeks ago. This may be their overstock:


Almost the same product, previous woot:


I live dangerously.

The same product as in previous woot, almost the same product as today’s woot, at Amazon. $39.99 (no reviews, can’t find any yet):


Looks like it has a ground to me:


That appears to be different than this thing.

nope. not the same item.

I know, I said “almost”. The specs are similar, not the same. If I find the exact same product, I will post it. As I said above, the closest I can find is the Amazon link and the previous woot, pointing to a similar product. Extrapolate if you wish.

It seems like it would be easier to find information on this product if it was legit. Seems like it might be crappy? No reviews on Amazon and no one is selling it. The digital & wireless group website isn’t even viewable. Not sure I would trust my gadgets with this inverter…

Still no luck, not a good sign, I agree. Best I can find is the previous woot to ALMOST the same product (again, the specs are pretty similar, and differs in the last 2 letters) and read the limited, unhappy comments after the woot last December–reposting the link above:

Correct me if I am wrong, but I don’t think it matters if it has the grounded hole or not. Since the battery pack itself isn’t grounded, your object wouldn’t be grounded.

Whats the DC 5V for? Looks like USB plug, is it?

I have a similar product by Black and Decker, and it has a USB plug.

USB is 5V DC, so it probably is.

I found this from a different deal-a-day site:

iPowerPro 120 Watt Power Inverter with Universal Dual Voltage Adapter

Though the yugster one appears to be third-prong compatible, and this sellout.woot one perhaps isn’t.

Why all the worry about whether you’re grounded? The larger concern is whether or not WOOT converted Vlad’s ascension date to the Gregorian calender. If they didn’t, their whole premise for offering this today is off.

Two questions:

  1. Will this work with JetBlue?

  2. What is a ‘USB charging cable’?

Pretty sure there is no in seat power available on jetblue…so no. Also Continental’s airplanes with in seat power have a plug now, so no need for an adaptor.