iPowerPro 150w Universal Power Inverter

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iPowerPro 150w Universal Power Inverter
$7.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Wasn’t this on WOOT already today - @ 4:30 Eastern ?

AGAIN - Really??

wishing I had a 150 watt light bulb for my car

I thought this was a dupe, but this one is UNIVERSAL!!!

Is 150Watt good enough for charging a Macbook Pro? I have an inverter, but it does seem to crap out when trying to charge from it. =/

120 watts (continuous rating) divided by 12 volts (input voltage) = 10 amps input current. That’s IF the thing is 100% efficient, which it cannot be. More likely 66% efficient, which means input current is about 15 amps (or more).

Do you really think that puny little power cable (with the coaxial DC plug) can carry 15 amps continuously, without a meltdown?

G…A…R…B…A…G…E !!!

79.99 @ buy.com


It should be - the MBP uses a 85W charger and this provides 120W (150W is peak).


I know I’m way late, and in the wrong thread, but:

A bag of crap on the first evening???

Does that happen very often?

Only when they offer it during the first evening of a wootoff.

I guess I’ll give it a try…

BTW, it’s $34 on amazon.

JAwesome! I’ve been looking for these!

So how quickly will this drain your cars battery?


Barely, just don’t leave anything plugged in for 3 days straight. (I speak from experience)

In for 1 ~ if it allows me to run my pc on the plane longer, it’ll be worth it!

In for 2, one for each car. I just returned a 150 watt inverter I bought at WallyWorld because the cooling fan had a bad bearing. That one cost me about 40 bucks so this is a bargain if it works well.

I’m happy - last time around it was sold out before i got one.