IQ Massager TENS Combo Set - Black

How do I get replacement pads?

This page is probably a good place to start.

I had a TENS unit I got from Woot a few years back, it died during a move. Really hoping this one works as well as the old one did. No amount of ice/heat creams, analgesic pads or “massage machines” did what that TENS unit did. Can’t recommend these things enough (in general, haven’t received this one yet but I have hope).


Woot’s product page says:

HOWEVER, the manufacturer’s website says:

Yes, I realize that Woot is not Amazon, but Woot IS owned by Amazon.

So can we get an official confirmation or explanation on this from Woot?

Also, I think Woot is listing the wrong model number with this combo set.

Woot is listing the massager in this set as a “Massager Pro IVs” (8 levels)

However, the manufacturer’s website only lists one combo ($499.00) and it’s shown as containing a “Massager Pro IV” (6 levels)

The “IV” and the “IVs” are two different models.


Warranty: They are referring to third party sellers on Amazon. We are an authorized seller and have been selling IQ Massager products for quite a while.

Here is the manual for the IVs that we have for sale. As you can see in the manual and in the photo on the sale page, it has 8 levels.


From a previous post I found last night when looking at reviews:

I got them from Amazon:


Use a drop of water on the electrodes before placing on your skin and before putting back on the plastic when done to increase their lifespan.

(DC head 2.5 mm, plug 2.0mm)

These wires are 4 prongs, you need to make sure to use one from each cable for your electrode placement. You can get 2 prong ones that work like the included ones. I just found that there were more electrodes that were cheaper that use this plug instead of the snaps that come with the IQ unit.

I use this Gel for the waist band thing, I mostly use it for my back.

On Friday, I ordered some larger pads from Amazon to test on my back. I’m not sure how they will work though.

Yes, and as you can see that’s not the manual for the Combo Set Woot is selling and advertising with a retail price of $499.00.

The “IVs” have 8 levels, and those come in the four colors. However, as you can see from the manufacturer’s website, they offer only ONE “Combo set” and it just comes with a model “IV” (6 levels), and that’s not the same as a model “IVs”. The manufacturer’s Combo Set also only comes in black or silver and retails for $499.00… that’s some coincidence.