IQ Massager TENS Combo Set - Silver

I know Woot has had these up for sale many times in the past. Of those that have bought them, what are your over all impressions? Also, are the pads reusable or “one and done”? Where do you buy replacement pads. Thanks in advance.

I have had arthritis in my lower back for about 30 years, and have used devices like these to help relieve the pain and muscle tension in my back. However - I have only done so in a doctors’ or physical therapists’ office. There are models that allow the conduction pads to be reused for a while(it depends on the ‘sticky stuff’ used to attach to your skin), and there are others that are basically ‘use and toss’.

The one thing to be careful about to make certain you know HOW to use these devices before you start using them. If you do not, you can do more harm than good.

You should ALWAYS get medical advice before buying/using one of these.

I have a different one but I did buy this one a couple weeks ago. Haven’t opened it yet though.

Anyway, the pads are usually reusable. You can buy replacements on Amazon.

Stimulator unit stopped functioning after first use.