IQ Massager TENS Stimulator - Black

I have back and muscle pain all the time and spent hundreds of dollars having the chiropractor use this on me. Now i have this one and love it. It really helps me after work. If you go to the website where this is sold it costs hundreds this is the best deal ever! Im might even buy another one

Is this the thing that athletes use to passively stimulate muscle growth?

During the NFL draft recently they showed a guy using it on this pectoral muscles while laying on a couch.


Woot’s product page says:

HOWEVER, the manufacturer’s website says:

Yes, I realize that Woot is not Amazon, but Woot IS owned by Amazon.

So can we get an official confirmation or explanation on this from Woot?

They are referring to third party sellers on Amazon. We are an authorized seller and have been selling IQ Massager products for quite a while.

Ok, thanks for clearing it up.