IQ Massager TENS Stimulators (4 Colors)

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IQ Massager TENS Stimulators (4 Colors)
Price: $39.99 - 49.99
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OK, but I’m not sure I understand how this is supposed to massage your IQ… especially if you’re not supposed to apply it above the neck. And just how much smarter is it supposed to make you?

I already have the slippers from a previous woot purchase of the combo IQ package. I would like to save $10 and buy the cheaper IQ package, but want to make sure that the slippers that I have will work with it. I assume that it will, but I want to make sure…does anyone know?

The description says, “Massage Slippers connect to ALL IQ Massager products”

I bought the combo a few weeks ago and have it on right now. I can tell you that it can definitely give temporary relief of low back and sciatic pain. I’ll have to keep using it to see if long term use can actually change a chronic condition.

Does anyone know if we are able to use our HSA or FSA account to purchase these?

You might be able to get reimbursed for them IF you have a medical condition for which a doctor has prescribed or recommended the use of TENS therapy specifically. I’m not sure how HSA/FSA rules work in regard to massage equipment in general, but if it’s a prescribed medical supply they will reimburse for it if the paperwork is filled out right. Then again they may require purchasing it at a licensed medical supply store, which I suspect woot isn’t.

Since you already have the slippers, what size are they? I have big feet.

The listing here says the slippers work with all products, but that’s describing the slippers in THIS set, so those in other sets might not be the same. But it’s probably a safe bet that they’re compatible since they built in the compatibility for this series slippers.

Smart enough to regret buying it.

My shoe size is 12 wide, and the slippers fit me…realize that they are made to be used in a seated position since they are connected by wire not only to the massager, but ALSO to each other…making walking difficult (unless you want to make really tiny steps).

So my husband emailed me saying he “kinda” wants this and they look so awesome. Do you think that was a hint of some sort?

I have tiny feet — don’t know if it will work with me as he has big wide feet—what to do what to do

That is exactly what i was thinking as well. It might not be worth getting an audit because some paperwork wasn’t filled out correctly. I’ll just buy them with my post tax dollars.

Some folks use these for ‘sexy times’ just sayin’


TENS units work by blocking pain signals from your brain intermittently. Do not use the self adhesive pads over a bony area, for instance, you wouldn’t want to place them directly on your spine, but AROUND your spine where the nerve/muscles are. Do not use if you have any pacemaker/stimulator type device in your body.
FSA/HSA sometimes will allow it if you can get your physician to write an RX for one, which they usually will because they would rather you use a TENS than a narcotic. You would then have to turn in the RX and receipt from WOOT along with any paperwork needed by your FSA/HSA.

I was an Office Manager/PT Tech for 8 years and have a Bachelor’s in Health Care Management. Hope this helps, let me know if you have a question, I used to work with the companies that provided these items all the time :slight_smile:

Anyone know what replacement pads cost? How long do the pads last?

My tens unit arrived yesterday. This thing really moves the muscles with a major contraction. I had my doubts given the low price. When I first plugged it in I had it set too high. Eep!

I get this treatment at PT to strengthen leg muscle, so I figured it could help to do it at home too. Today it feels good on my achey shoulders.

So far I’m a happy customer.