IQ Massager TENS Stimulators

Got this the last time it was on here. Feels alright, but honestly not worth it.

pretty quiet on this item wooters.

What do you mean not worth it? Is it not strong enough?

I’ve done electro-therapy in physical therapy before, and I feel like it’s helped a ton. This seems like a cheap solution to do it to myself (I have chronic runner’s knee problems).

It’s sitting in my cart right now (waiting to see if there are other things I need before April 30th).

Purchased this a while ago - the combo with belt and flip-flops.
*Works great for me
*Have not tried the footwear… I have really, really wide feet so they don’t fit and just haven’t bothered yet seeing what they do.
*Belt is effective though not made too well.

We also have a healthmateforever which isn’t quite as powerful, cost more and lacked the extras, came with a cheaper piece to put your pads on - without the cord wrap - but it (healthmate) does last longer on a charge… I feel the better controls and more power of this (IQ) unit makes a better choice.

I got this last time, too, and I love it! I was previously a PT aide, so I have a fair amount of experience with TENS stimulators.

It is very strong, as it has probably 18+ levels of intensity (I haven’t gone past 10). My only problem with it is that despite so many different stimulation modes, there isn’t a mode that is one constant frequency. All the modes have some sort of wave-like oscillating intensity of stimulation. Otherwise, I definitely recommend it!

I personally just don’t like how it feels. It didn’t feel like a massage and the muscle in my leg continued to “jump” for a week or so after using it.

Thanks. It’s been sitting in my cart long enough. I’m in for one. Time to supplement my foam rolling and stretching with some electrical stimulation!

Maybe you should see a doctor… I don’t think it’s supposed to work like that. Either that or your muscles were in that bad of a shape in the first place.

NOOOOO!!! I missed it by 2 hours! Please bring this back soon!

I have bought a couple other TENS units from Woot and they just did not have the power output that I wanted. I used them less than 10 times and never used them again because it was a waste of time.
This product, however, has more power than the last two combined. I turned the power up toward the top range and it made me jump. I thought my shoulder was going to be dislocated… awesome!
I am not telling you that you should do that… but I LOVE this product. The sandles and belt… a little cheap on the construction I think… but the unit and the pads are great!
I am using it for my knees, lower back, and one of my shoulders due to old injuries and I could not be happier.