IQ Massager TENS Stimulators

IQ Massager TENS Stimulators
Electricity. We don’t understand it fully. And yet, we can stuff it into a little device and use it to stimulate our muscles. Amazing, isn’t it? Maybe one day we’ll figure out how this stuff works. We’re looking at you, science. Stop playing video games and GET ON IT.

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Make sure you mention which one your talking about if you add a review or ask a question.

How big are the slippers?

I got to try one of these units at a health & fitness expo and was impressed by the variety and range of stimulation!

Of note, the rep at the convention was selling them with his “employee discount” for $250, so this deal sounds very, very good.

Don’t let the size fool you, these are very powerful. I paid more than double this for a “name brand” unit which was 20x the size and it’s highest setting was like this one at half.

You can get generic replacement pads on amazon very reasonably, they do last quite a while though.

Hard to say. They fit my wife who is a 7 and barely fit me and I am size 11. The velcro strap is quite adjustable.

Note that unlike Nancy Sinatra’s boots; These slippers are NOT made for walking!

I purchased the combo pack the last time they were offered on Woot. I previously owned a TENS unit costing over $400 but that was 20 years ago. I was skeptical that this unit would be adequate but I was wrong. This miniature unit does everything the larger more expensive unit did and does it better with more options. I use it for a chronic back problem. I would not hesitate to recommend it.

Ohhh, just remembered I bought this set a while back. Pulled out the slippers. They’re about 10 1/4" long.

Why aren’t these in Tools and Garden with the Bidets?

Amazon sells this for $29.99 and free shipping.

Are you sure it’s pretty much the same unit? It’s hard to tell from the Amazon site. Thanks.

The one on Amazon is by HealthmateForever. Woot’s is by IQ. Can anyone weigh in on this? I need one for lower back, and want whichever is best rather than price based.

I’ve had this IQ unit for over two years. I have herniations at L4 and L5. Can’t function at times without the tens unit. Forget those stupid slippers and the waist belt. Just get the basic unit and save a few bucks. The IQ unit is money very well spent! Internal rechargeable battery is a HUGE plus.

Just tried using this product and it shows a lock in the upper right corner and produces no results. Has anyone run into this? The manual has nothing about the lock icon and the company site is pretty useless. Any help is appreciated.

Are you talking about the thing that looks like a Key in the upper left corner? I never figured out what that was either but it seems to go away when it’s in going and not paused.