IQ Treat Ball Large for Dogs 5"

Would putting little snacks in this and giving it to a toddler be a bad idea?

Never thought about that as a use, but as long as fingers are big enough to not get stuck in the hole, possibly! It’s a solid design and held up well–I don’t allow the dog to chew it, so mine still looks almost new with a few tooth-scratch marks from where she’s carried it around.

Just be warned that it’s a little loud on hard surfaces, so if the kiddo throws it around, carpet is best…

And I have NO IDEA where they’re getting the 4.5" or 6" dimension from, unless the 6" is supposed to be the circumference (but who cares about that). This is a 4-inch diameter toy. Unless used under strict supervision and the dog is taught to NOT CHEW it (yes, this is possible!), I wouldn’t recommend this for a large dog.