iRetroPhone Phone with iPhone Dock

Phone. Phone. Phone. Phone.

That was INCREDIBLY difficult to read. LOL

OK, I need to make sure I am reading this correctly. DOes this really say that this unit can be hooked up to my landline AND my iPhone (old technology, not the 5) AT THE SAME TIME? And since it has a DC adapter, can it be hooked up to my CAR?

If this is true, I may be in for several!

Why not go with a telegraph machine instead, just to be even cooler?

I can almost hear the excitement from hipsters around the wootiverse.

Here"s a link to the previous discussion about this phone when it was offered,for same price, in July.

Pretty sure the DC is one that goes into a wall outlet, its pictured.

Why would you want to try using this in a car?

But … Why? Just what we need make our sleek iPhones into 80s clunk.

I got this last woot around and I like the substantial hand piece because I can’t hold my iPhone with my shoulder and I’m too deaf to use my phone on speaker. I have had a little trouble with it staying synced if I leave the room and come back (about 20 feet) which is a little bit of a problem because I’m a phone pacer. It was a decent buy, looks neat, just have to stop pacing.

not iPhone 5 compatible. unless u want to buy a $30 adapter… greedy apple!

Got this in the last Bag of Crap sale (the one that lasted like 10 minutes before everything was sold out). Anyway, the phone is a pretty decent wireless phone for the landline, but I have yet to sync it up to a bluetooth capable phone (got an Ipod and can charge it with the connection, but my phones are always Androids). I figure that if you need to resync it, there’s a function for that somewhere that should be easy to follow. The nice thing is that there’s a button on the base unit that will send out a signal to find the receiver end when it might have not been put back on to charge. Pretty standard of wireless landline phones, but was surprised this little device came with one.

It’s the perfect gift for that special hipster in your life!

I’m a klutz. I have an Otter Box. This phone can’t be used with the Otter Box on. I’m not adept enough to remove the Otter Box every time I come home. Got it in the July sale and it works fine for receiving calls, but I have so few landline calls, what’s the point?

Bought this from the last time this was on woot. Looks cool but connector to iPhone3 is loose and need to wiggle it around for it to charge. Does not charge iPhone4. There’s a connector for a landline, but I don’t use it.

“Well, we need we can’t let that happen!”


My sensors detect a copyeditor asleep at the keyboard…

I have a Bluetooth dock with modern cordless handsets but it only works with cellphones and uses phone minutes. Am I correct that this one will pair with any Bluetooth device including iPads and work using VoIP? It would be great if I could use this to use my Pinger number as a true home phone.

Here lies another useless piece of cra****p you don’t need so you can join the ‘retro’ movement.

I grew up with one of those bell phones provided by the phone company and they were horrible. Why on earth would I want to be reminded of them? While you’re at it go ahead and buy on of those stupid shoulder cushions for it. Then for true authenticity make sure you hook a giant spiral cord to it thats about 25 feet long when stretched and tape the cover on the ear side of the handset.

Bought one last sale and it lasted 40 days before it broke. Good Luck trying to find/contact the manufacturer.

Does this work with the new iphone

No. The iPhone 5 doesn’t have the 30 pin connector. There are adapters available for $30.