IRIS USA Airtight Pet Food Storage 3-Pc Set

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IRIS USA Airtight Pet Food Storage 3-Pc Set
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Check it out in a different size at Bed Bath and Beyond - with good reviews
More food storage, direct from IRIS

Is it wrong that when I read the tweet, I saw “Airtight Pet Storage”…? :o/

Dried “beats?”

Time to check out the product page

Also works for Bachelor chow. Food almost fit for a human.

I bought my first set from a previous offer here at WOOT. I loved it so much that I’ve bought two more sets from Amazon at about the same price. They’re wonderful for dog food and particularly wild bird seed. We don’t abuse them but they’ve held up surprisingly well. I half expected the wheels to go out with the weight, but it hasn’t happened.

Are they stackable?

That usage gives you a good idea of the masterminds behind Woot.

That product page really sucks. And it’s the wrong model.

I have the set from IRIS with the rolling tub and the mini stacking on top one that Walmart carries for ~$25 and they’re great. I keep bread flour in the big one and whole wheat in the smaller. Combined weight of 30lbs when freshly filled and no issues with the casters.

I might pick this up for other dry goods if it’s still available when I have my wallet handy later.

Homebrew.woot item if I’ve ever seen one. A big one for base grains and a small one for specialty grains.

I need this for morning coffee.

I have the same stackables as well…can confirm that that the large and mini tub together will hold 30lbs of dog food. We like to take the mini on road trips. We are happy with the product, just make sure that you do not get food between the lid and the container or you risk damaging something.

Is it Mac compatible?

Bought my single large size at Costco for $15-25 range. I really wish I would have bought one sooner, SOO much easier to feed the dog every day without dealing with opening the bag and rolling it down each time. Also I bet it keeps the food fresher than the Canidae bag. Not a bad price but not great either. Bonus it does come with two containers which mine didn’t.

I just bought this set…seems like a good deal…cheapest one around…anyways my daughter’s GSP…(German Shorthair Pointer) just got into his food bag again…only ate around 3 lbs of dry food this time…hope this set gets here soon…I need it…he looks pretty bloated right now…Thanks you WOOT!!

I have one of those types. Only he speaks cat, not dog. …he looks so cute and innocent with a bag of cat-food strewn behind him.

We have 4 dogs too, so I can use the larger one to prevent the same from them!

I’m in for one!