IRIScan Book 2 Portable Wand Scanner

While I agree that you can find wand scanners for less, your comparison to portable sheet scanners is unfair. Even at $49, it’s still cheaper than any convertible sheet scanner, which will generally cost at least twice as much. There really is little need to lug around a scanning dock – especially since almost none have auto-document feeding. Furthermore, portable scanning is generally meant for bounded material like books and magazines. Since photos are generally digital these days, the only people who may need portable photo sheetfeeding may be geneologists. And let’s not forget that many people already have an all-in-one scanner/printer at home.

Whoa…thought it said IRS scan, at first! Wondered why on earth anyone would need one of those, when the IRS has the NSA to do their spying for them??

So how does the portable feed scanner’s quality compare when you remove the scan bar? It seems like it would be plagued by the same quality issues since you’re still dragging the scanner across a page by hand.

Love that video review! Thanks for sharing. The quality looks really good and even he said that he was moving too fast, faster than was recommended. One page had a ripple, but the page was bent when he did it. That’s easily fixable by placing a book underneath.

I am thinking the same thing! It all depends on how well you personally move the scanner, the quality of the print (yellowing of old books, etc) and so forth.

I have one … works well . got it for $35 … this is not a top of the line model ~ not worth $45 IMO

Importable to filing programs?