IRIScan Express 2 Portable Scanner Woot Info Post is a help line, the way I see it

IRIScan Express 2 Portable Scanner [New] - $59.99 + $5 shipping shipping

1 * Iris USOA447 IRIScan Express 2 Portable Scanner w/ Readiris Pro 11, Cardiris 3 Software

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2nd post. woot woot

Portable scanner? oh my!

I guess this will be around for a few hours…

Can I use this in airport to reduce my wait time?


though unclear if that’s the same one: edit, it is! :slight_smile:


Our neighbors who are long distance truck drivers have one of these and love it. Makes it easier to keep track of receipts.

Unless there are only two.

(Gad - I hate my avatar. It looks like my first wife.)

Drive safe everybody!

Can you use the IRIScan Express to scan your American Express card? And if so, why?

Portable Scanner? So this can scan portables? Like port-o-johns? Does it tell you if someone is in the john?

That yellow bar would indicate a LOT more than 2…

That’s it…I am calling it…

Time of woot-off death…1645 PST.

I am in the market for one of these, but not this one as its gotten hammered in the reviews for being slow and putting out PDFs that aren’t searchable - a key function for historians or other researchers who might find it useful…


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Man, if only my cell phone had an adequate enough method of recording documents.

Exactly what I was thinking of. In for one.

Ugh… Wootalzer says 3 hours. Yay.

EDIT: Now it says 40 minutes. Oh well, it’ll probably change in 3 seconds anyway.