iRiver 20GB Portable Media Player



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bah! decent woot but I already got an ipod


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iRiver 20GB Portable Media Player
$189.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 iRiver PMC-120 20GB Portable Media Player


Wasnt this 179.99 last time?


Already got the lyra, whew


got one earlier… works ok but Media Player’s been screwed up ever since on my desktop…


celebrity goat herding?


good toy. mine is good sad its ten bucks cheaper than last time


Wow, not bad w00ts so far tonight. This player might slow down the pace though. Anyway, my gf will get mad at me for staying up tonight, but it’s worth it for that grab bag. :smiley:


Nice… but not an iPod, so no dice… needs to play nice with my iMac and Macbook.


Too many people say that for every item.


OMG, Internet… too slow… to before… woot sells out…

(I’m so frustrated right now.)


it wont slow it down these things have A Good review on Cnet… AWESOME WOOT for this price and better than the PMP-120


I am pretty sure it was 199.99 last time.


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nope. $199


How many products does a Woot-Off usually last? I know I can only ask for a guesstimate…


maaan i bought this maybe a month ago when it was 199.99 plus 5 shipping lol


yeah, definately wasn’t in a rush to “I want one” button.