iRiver AFT100 Mobile FM Transmitter - 2-Pack



here’s the comparison site links… got some good ones… short version of the story is that woot rules and this product is sweet… especially in multiples…


Got too many fm transmitters, and no use for any of them.


nice woot, already have one of these, works great with my ipod!!


aww man I just bought an fm transmitter for my ipod


I just want to know if this is more powerful than the battery-operated belkin model.


last fm transmitter i bought didnt even work


Won’t need one for my car, but picked a set up as they’re useful when riding with friends, etc…


I love these things… use them all the time.


No USB port? :frowning:
Those are the best. Got one for $30 that you can plug a USB drive in or anything with a headphone jack. Very handy!


wouldve bought it a year ago - looks like a great product, retails for like 50 at best buy…but ended up grabbing an alpine head unit with ipod cable hard wired - can’t be beat.

the quality of cigarette lighter FM transmitters is subpar, if you want an FM transmitter get it wired in, or for the best in sound, get an after market deck with the ipod hard wired into the deck.


Nice story.


Actually, I lied. These look like decent replacements for my Tapedeck AUX input.

And much better than the clunky things that attach to your iPod itself and suck up juice and force you to play special pre-set “songs” to “sync” with the device.

To all the questions about “Will this work with my…”

This Will Work With Any Audio Device That You Can Plug A Standard Headphone Jack Into.

Thank you,

…and have a nice woot.


Will this work with any MP3 Player, or only iPods?


how are these compared to the tape deck adapters sound quality wise?


Whatta ya call a bass player that just broke up with his girlfriend?



This is for the person whose ipod is worth more than their car… Unfortunately I only get AM.


I have the Monster Cable FM transmitter and am very unhappy with it. It cost $49 on sale and the sound is blah and options suck.

From what I have read and people who have these like them much better. At this price is sounds like time for an upgrade. I can use it with the MP3 player I Wooted last week!


I have two of these. They’re very, very good, with the transmission frequency selectable (a must in a radio-coated city).

The only thing is, the transmitter cuts off after 30 seconds of silence or relatively uniform sound (I think it thinks it’s silence). So, I have to turn classical music and Pink Floyd up louder than the rest of my music to get it to stay on.

Luckily, it begins to screech a highish tone that increases in volume as one draws closer to the point when it turns off, leaving you with discomforting static intermingled with the Christian motivational station you’ve tuned close to. Therefore, you can generally save yourself the pain of Biblical passages by jamming on the Volume Up button on the iRiver H10 you also bought on Woot.


I bought one of these a while ago and have worked good so far. No complaints, being able to change it to all the frequency’s is really nice.