iRiver AFT100 Mobile FM Transmitter – 2-Pack

Google Product Search!

*Remember to times the price by two on FROOGLE, as its 2-pack-Tuesday!

i got links… check useful linkage for the comparison links… wanna know what i really think, after checking up on the comparison engine prices… turns out to be a solid woot… and yes, 2fers can still ROCK!

Anybody know the range of this unit?

Have These. Work Well. Need to Jiggle Sometimes. Can’t Beat for Price.

Wonder if these have good transmitters?


looks like a good deal. but why would i need two?

I got one of these a couple of months ago. Not a very good product. Would not buy another or recommend you should.

wow. 2 pack of fm transmitters… twice the uselessness!
thank god for aux inputs, mp3-wma CDs, I certainly don’t miss fm transmitters

Will this interfere with my Mister Microphone?

Got two a while back - loved them!! Works great in radio heavy cities!

Got one last time they were on - gave it away because it sucked.

ive never had a decent FM transmitter, i dont know why id want two

Nice 2x for Tuesday. Simply have 4 more than I need already. Soild product, Only interferance is on the highway next to rigs.

I bought two last time. ABSOLUTE CRAP! Neither works. Save your money.

Own these from the last time they were two for Tuesday - I think I paid more???

They work GREAT! No problems, except occasionally between tracks, or on low passages, they quit out. The solution seems to be to RAISE the volume on the lower passages.

They are used for transmitting an Ipod or other device signal over a FM signal. ie listen to your IPOD through your car stereo. Not really that cool, unless you really need them.

I have these, they’re not huge like some others I’ve seen, and they work great. The price for one alone would have been good, but for two, it’s a great woot !!

Now can I listen to two songs at the same time? One in each speaker.