iRiver AFT100 Mobile FM Transmitter – 2-Pack

Personaly have a few classic cars with antique plates, not allowd to edit anything as if the were purchased. But I have used the transmitter in the past to a few friends cars who don’t have cd/tape/ or even an idea it’s 2007

Got one from woot not long ago. I think mine broke before the third use, but you may have better luck. The deuce-pack may come in handy…

bash this if you must, but I bought one!
2 for $23 when you can’t find ONE for $20 at the store.

I have been looking around for these for a while and Now I have one for each car plus only cost a fraction of what it should!

Thanks woot!

anyone get one of these before? how is it?

Have one from a prior Woot-off. Works well.

Not being wierd, But what did you do in the three times you used it ? Simply plug in?

Bought 2 of these last time they were on. Horrible sound. They are now both in the trash.

Was refurb, now new?
I think I need a nap.

Does anyone here remember the Star Trek episode “The trouble with tribbles?”

aaah like maybe you and your spouse have 2 cars & 2 mp3 players?

Does these work with arkos? or only iRivers.

LOve u

Thanks Woot :slight_smile:

Review and Specs at Cnet

These work great.

Never had any problems with ours. Range is powerful enough to reach a cars radio sitting next to yours.

Been waiting for these to come back up…Need it for my sony mp3 player I bought from Woot!

“Hey good-lookin’! Be back to pick you up later!”

Thanks for the laugh…

Thank god for Bluetooth A2DP.


I own one of these (two actually) from the last Woot 2-fer, works well actually. However I discovered just yesterday that its headphone jack does not fit inside the iPhone’s deep headphone “well”. Not without some sort of adapter at least.

You are better off buying whatever adapter Belkin or Griffin or whoever else provides them, because they’ll be custom-fit for the iPhone.

completed eBay listings:

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around $18 for ONE–definitely a solid woot :slight_smile:

A two pack is a steal. I’m in for two woot!