iRiver H10 20GB MP3 Player and Recorder - Remix Blue



iRiver H10 20GB MP3 Player & Recorder - Remix Blue

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    1 iRiver H10 20GB MP3 Player/Recorder



Damn media plays, dont need it. Not a bad price though, good night!


The screen on this is beautiful, and with 20GB you’ll be able to listen to music for DAYS (literally!)


awesome… a product from my home town!!


great deal…let me think about for a gift


Is this a good deal?


Looks like a good deal to me. 20 Gig mp3 player for $145? If I didn’t already have a 20 Gig player, I’d probably pick this up.





tempting… but already have an ipod… considering selling though…
no woot today, though, no money…


Fantastic price though.


Got one of these for my mom the last time around. She loves it, and even figured out how to use it, and she’s kind of a techno-idiot.


Woot lubs iRiver.

Poo. I had the urge to spend money, but not on this.


Well I alreay have a psp, portable dvd player, and an ipod so there is no need for this. GOOD NIGHT WOOTERS!!!


Another one? Alas…I’m not a fan of iAnything


Cry me an iRiver.


Being able to play through the XBox 360 is pretty cool.


Well, its an expensive crap without a bag (I really want the bag) but at least its a good price. Almost $300 on Froogle


i got the 5 gig silver one right when it came out and i really like it, the only problems i have ever had with it, is that it is sometimes tough to get songs on and off. besides that, everything works great on it


I wish i could afford this right now!!! Dont you hate that when the good woots come around when your broke???