iRiver H10 20GB MP3 Player and Recorder - Remix Blue

you can buy a fixed up product if you want. I’m sticking with my trusty old gen.2 iPod. Anyways, here’s my comparison useful linkage.

Bizrate Link… from $150… 16 stores listed.

MSN Shopping Link… from $150… ~20 stores listed.

Shopzilla Link… from $150… 25 stores listed.

Manufacturer Page… cool site.

enjoy that. all have the same low price… shopzilla has the most stores… but if yo’ure gonna buy it just buy it… or else zizou might head butt you in the chest for thinking too long… silly frenchy.

Note: This post contains pricing information for future reference because it is generally not available elsewhere once the next Woot has been offered.

iRiver H10 20GB MP3 Player & Recorder - Remix Blue
$129.99 + $5 shipping
condition: Refurbished
product(s): 1 iRiver H10 20GB MP3 Player/Recorder

Meh, good deal, but I’m not feeling the whole refurb idea for my mp3 players. Pass

not bad

i guess but its refrubish which is not for me gnite!

thanks woot for the wireless controlers!

ranges from 170 to 319 on froogle

Froogle link

What a peice of junk. This would be a really good player if it didn’t have those stupid touch-sensative buttons. It’ll break within a matter of weeks if you have naturally oily skin.

20 GB, Nice size for price… An Ipod Nano would cost more than that for around 200 with only 2GB

dumb question but no video eh?

No thanks!

20 gigs is way too small.

I’m praying Apple comes out with a 100 gb iPod soon so I can actually fit all my music on one iPod. I’m tired of having to pick and choose and then delete more songs when I get new stuff.

:frowning: I just bought one 2 weeks ago from amazon for $150, It works pretty good it just has a couple bugs to work out to begin with. It didn’t like my “copy” of windows so I have to use a different computer, other than that, everything else on it works great!

not worth it… piece a shit… I’ve had two irivers, and both wrong within a year. Worse off, is a waranty hassle.

You can just get a radio, there’s really not much difference.

I can’t deal with touchpad mp3 players. I like hard buttons I can use without having to take the thing out of my cargo pocket. But I’ve heard lots of good words about this model.

I got one of these last time around.
Not a bad player, sound quality’s actually pretty good. The only problem is that the interface is very awkward. You can work around it, and if you’re ok with that it’s a very good deal for the price. Try finding another 20gb player for that cheap…
Wouldn’t say I’m totally happy with it, but I’m sure ok with it for the price. is a great resource for info on iriver players.

How does this compare to say a similarly sized Sansa?

Got one for my girlfriend last time. She loves it. Feels pretty soild, works well once you get used to the touch slider thing. I think they’re worth it.


Price: $149.99 & this item ships for FREE with Super Saver Shipping

Bought this last time… Overall, I like it for the price but that’s not to say it doesn’t have its quirks. Biggest problem: lack of accessories. I’ve also had issues with loading music onto the thing. And maybe its just me, but it doesn’t get loud enough for my liking and I listen to it through some pretty pretentious headphones. I can’t find a way to shuffle randomly. Battery life is amazing. Easy to use. Quick charge time. I had to update the software straight out of the box. I love the FM tuner. For the price, you can’t beat it.

Hillarious description. I give props on that one. So funny, yet so true.

65 card pickup anyone?