iRiver T10 512MB MP3 Player



Back from bowling late, so here I am! Enjoy the linkage!

Froogle Link $64.99 Minimum

Yahoo! Shopping Link $69.96 Minimum

Shopzilla Link$64.92 Minimum

Amazon Customer Review Link Average Customer Rating 4.5/5 Stars

Manufacturer Page FAQ’s

T10 Series Manual


Better than Ipod?


hmm…I’ve heard iRiver is good, but not for me.


Cheapest on Froogle is about $65


this will be great for those long plane rides.


no thanks 512MB isn’t worth it


I have one of these already, not a bad little player


looks like it got bent at the factory
g’night woot thanks anyway


i guess it’s ok for 40 bucks, but 512MB? cmon. what is that, like 100 songs? does anyone nowadays have less than 4000 songs?


does it work with USB to Firewire converters?


512mb for $50, i’d rather spend a little more and get a 1gb shuffle


hum. only 512?


damn… a rebate?
things aren’t hot on wootland tonight so…
good night


that thing is not worth a penny… just buy a 40gb mp3 player from frys for $100.


Fails. The absolute worst thing a company can do to screw up an otherwise decent flash-based MP3 player is to NOT include expandable memory… especially when you’re talking about one with a puny 512MB capacity.


Maybe if i didnt already have a little 512 one but thats ok! At least its not a friggin toaster…


Nice bright Fire Engine Red MP3 Player. Already got one that I do not use.


That was wierd…

I clicked the woot logo to refresh right around 12:01 and it took me to instead…

not that I need an outdated mp3 player either


Good Woot! I however own an Ipod.