iRiver U10 512 MB Music and Video Player



512 MB for this price???


$109 buy it now price on ebay. Not that great of a woot. In order to qualify as a “good deal”, it would need to be at least 1GB. In order to be a great deal, it’d be 2GB. As such, 512 will hold virtually nothing but 50 songs - or maybe 20 minutes of video (on low quality).

Caveat emptor.


I love these, theyre great!@


$99 for 512 megs? not even apple charges that much!


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iRiver U10 512 MB Music & Video Player
$99.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 iRiver U10 512 MB Music & Video Player


Looks liek a crazy microwave - No iea what it is, plus its kinda expensive.

No thanks


Any thoughts?


Is this really a good price?

Why choose iRiver over iPod?


Now THIS is April Fool’s!!

::Clears throat::

$100 for 512MB?!? WTF?!?

I’ll ban my own arse for this post. =(

P.S. whizbang…riiiiight


Cheapeast froogle at $109.99. Froogle

Here is a CNET Video on it with a demo of it and review.
Cnet video


Sounds cool, but 512MB? Come on.


what is up with chasing sold out icon? Looks like a decent woot but 5 minutes of sold out following my cursor no matter where I went sucked


Only 512 MB? Not worth it IMO.


Sirius Radio is better


iRiver U10 512MB Digital Media Player - $134.99 -


vwhat video fits into 512 mb? LOL… and at that price, granted its not bad for the object sold, but its quite expencive indeed. for 512


I have one and its has way too small storage don’t get it.


15fps kills the deal


It has 512 mb storage don’t get it that not even enough for more then one or two movies I recomend the 30 gb Video Ipod