iRobot 560 iRobot 560 Refurbished

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iRobot 560 iRobot 560 Refurbished
Price: $199.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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I owned a Roomba for about a year but bought a Neato recently.

I would definitely recommend waiting for the Neatos to pop up instead of getting a Roomba. The Neatos use a more powerful vacuum and have a much more efficient cleaning regiment than the Roomba.

I’m a Roomba lover…I have this model. Compared to the earlier generations, it’s so much nicer. I’ve had it about three years, and it’s running great. It’s a lot better about communicating what it wants- it speaks instead of using a series of beeps. You are able to schedule this model. Mine has been running every weekday, vacuuming up a ton of dog hair and human hair and aspen shavings, and it’s still going strong- with an acceptable battery life.

Bought this exact same refurb on NoMorRack a few months ago for the same price.

I was originally excited to get a new Roomba since my Discovery held up well over the years, now it won’t charge anymore. The Neato seems to get better overall reviews, but the quality isn’t there. I’d rather have a better quality product therefore I went with Roomba.

To summarize my experience with this Roomba? JUNK! and Customer Service? HORRIBLE!

The box arrived with two virtual walls, one not working. I quickly called Customer Service, but they were quick to say virtual walls aren’t covered under the warranty. I had to literally argue with them to send me a new virtual wall. A few days later a new “Manual” virtual wall arrived, not “Auto”. What’s the point of a manual virtual wall the robot uses scheduling? The 2nd virtual wall died about 2 weeks later.

It feels like Roomba is screwing with you, dumping junk (useless manual virtual wall, claiming robot parts aren’t covered by warranty) to get me off their backs.

Now I’m getting “Error 1” alerts after each charge. Guess what, battery and Roomba are out of warranty.

Skip this and get a Neato. At least you know it’ll work great well till it breaks.

And that is a given. It will break sooner or later. Neato’s reliability sucks.

After 3 Neato’s that failed, bought the Neato 75 from Costco for under $300. So far so good.

With the exception of the Roomba 650 I would not go with anything other than the Roomba 800 series. No maintenance, super cleaning power.

Respectfully disagree. I have four Roombas but tried a Neato for about a month last year before taking it back. The Neato’s inability to do floor/wall edges well and its “once-over” pattern programming produced results that were substantially inferior to that provided by our Roomba army. Plus which, the magnetic-strip “walls” were a pain.
Your mileage may vary.

Purchased a refurb 530 from Woot in 2009. Worked great for 4 years. Only had to replace battery once. No complaints.

Go ahead and wait. Maybe you’ll get the same so-called Neato “refurb” I got that was DOA and still had a dirty used Q-tip in it from the previous user.

Picked up a 20 buck Roomba at Goodwill that actually works. Found spare brushes on auction-bay. It’s fun to watch.

With all the negative comments on both major brands of cleaning robots, I feel as if we are still in the Commodore 64 stage of home cleaning robot evolution.

That’s super gross.

And it also gives me serious hesitation to pull the trigger on one of these refurbed vacuums. If they aren’t being emptied, how can you be certain they’re tested by a technician? You might be getting someone else’s broken item.

There is a good reason why 80% of the Neatos sold on ebay or Amazon are refurbs. Your warranty on a refurb might be good for 90 days. New, one year. After that and when it fails, good luck.

My last Neato’s LIBAR (navigation module) failed. No see, no workee.

On this iRobot 560, you need to check out the warranty period too.

I bought an original (refurb) Scooba from woot back in 2007. Battery failed from the start but iRobot replaced it. Seven+ years laters and it’s still going strong. In fact, right now it’s giving a Gopro a ride around the kitchen :slight_smile:

The other two Roombas I bought off woot failed long ago :frowning:

I’ve owned 3 Roomba’s and they have all ended up crapping out.

I totally agree, the Neato cleaning is much more logical. It doesn’t bounce around like a Ping-Pong ball. Still have my Neato after 3 years and love it.

I would suggest purchasing an extended warranty of Roombas. I love them, owned four.

I wish there was a checkout item for an extended warranty. I won’t purchase without

Can you do macros? like record a pathway for the the irobot that it will do with press of a button

They all require cleaning and maintenance. All of them.

You’re paying for automation, not something that will last forever.
I think I’m on year 4 of my 560.
The series 700 cartridges fit them, so you’ll have better pick up and less noise.

Nothing to compare it to, but it still works.

I pick the hair and dust it off after almost every run. It takes seconds to do it while emptying the canister.

It effectively changed my house (all hardwood floors and a dog that sheds very heavily).
I’d buy it again.