iRobot 58502 Roomba Vacuuming Robot Pet

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iRobot 58502 Roomba Vacuuming Robot Pet
Price: $229.99
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Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, Jun 01 to Tuesday, Jun 02) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Just to be clear, this isn’t a “Robot Pet”, it’s a “Vacuuming Robot - Pet edition”

I bought this same unit on Woot last month. It’s incredible! I was shocked at how well it cleans. One of my best Woot purchases ever. I highly recommend.

The item description says the warranty is one year and the battery warranty is 6 months. However, iRobot’s website says remanufacured units only have a 30 day warranty on everything. Big difference. Which is it?

Can you buy a remote for this?

There is a reason so many reconditioned/refurbished Roombas are on sale on Woot. I bought 2 of them a while back and both of them stopped working within months. They both kept going around in circles. There are many solutions online that involve disassembling the Roomba, soldering and attaching some aluminum film etc. These solution providers point out that the reason for the Roomba to have these problems is design flaws. Roomba does not provide any customer service to fix their manufacturing/design flaws.

Be careful…

I have bought 6 in total from woot. Even have extra wall barriers for them. The batteries died quickly and they get stuck more often than not so they sit in their cradles forever charging and haven’t roamed in years.
To lazy to throw $220 x 6 in the trash.

Great toy if you have a completely empty room and only have 3-4oz. of dirt to pick up, buy new batteries and don’t get bored easily.

Also bought 4 Dysons from woot @ $240 each. So much more gratifying to spend 5 minutes vacuuming 1,200 sq. ft. per floor and collecting 1-2 lbs. of dirt and skin cells.

I didn’t realize people had problems with these. I’ve had a Roomba for 2 years, use it most days (I have 2 dogs and 3 cats), and it still works great.

I still have my oldschool Roomba from almost 8 years ago purchased from oldschool woot…

The batteries don’t last long, 6 months is about right and last I checked it was about $40-60 depending upon where you buy and if its official or aftermarket.

And my oldschool one had a serious design flaw where if it tried to charge a dead battery it’ll burn up one of the MOSFETs. I have some technical skill and could rip it out and solder in a new one, however for 99% of people it’d have been dead and in the garbage.

Seems to be they still have quite a few design flaws all these years later.

That being said, I love the thing when it works. Takes the place of a good sweeping on my tile floors. Can’t hand a candle to the Dyson ball vac on carpet, however.

I’d be counting stars on the mothership and also make sure which models have a problem.

[QUOTE=drstranglove, post:11, topic:452442]
Be careful…


Well, yeah…if you don’t spot puppy pudding or cat vomit before you sweep the floor with a broom, the same thing will happen. Doah.

I bought one from a previous sale here at woot and it died (kept going in circles) within 2 months. Although the warranty says 30 days, I tried reporting it to iRobot and they sent me a replacement unit gratis. That has been working well for a year now.

Husband got me one for my birthday last year.
OMG I love it!!! I have four housecats, all shedding right now, & it’s keeping up with their loose fur wonderfully!
Never thought a vacuum would have been one of the best birthday presents. :smiley:

This Model does NOT have a scheduler or timer - BE WARNED. It’s a Push Button and Go. No remote either.

It does come with one virtual wall which is handy. I also have a Dyson (Pet edition) which this thing will never hold a candle to but rather than spend time vacuuming, this thing is good for spot cleaning during the day when you push the button and walk away (i.e. go to work). It does the job well.

Are you kidding me? You don’t accept returns?! This was my first order with Woot and obviously, it will be my last. I also have a large network of friends and colleagues and I will be sure to tell them about your “no returns” policy.

I have used my Roomba twice. It doesn’t pick up dirt and hair. I watched it for 30 minutes yesterday and my home looked no cleaner when it was finished. Today, it got stuck under my bed and my lamp cords got completed twisted around the wheels. I am very disappointed in my purchase but I am MOST disappointed in your unwillingness to address the issue. Shame on you!