iRobot Cleaning Robots, Your Choice

This based on what I’ve seen on youtubes for the vac’s but personal experience with the Scooba (450 model).

I have over 1000sqft of hardwood floors on my 1st floor that I run my robot vac and scooba (I keep them out of my office and a “sitting” room that has a piano and some furniture that I rather keep looking nice and there are about 2 area rugs in the great room and 1 in the entry way) . So, at one point, having 3 cats, having a robotic vac (and floor washer) it was a nice to have for everyday cleaning but not required (still had a few mops and a whole house vac system but lugging a 20ft hose around every other day wasn’t high on my priority list). Started with a Neato XV11. Then the 21 (which I still have. The 11 is for parts now). Just replaced the 21 with a Samsung V9000.

My take on iRobot products. The need to learn how to be better navigators. Navigation, there is no nav. It just goes where ever it can find something to hit and seems to go out of it’s way to beat the living crap out anything it can find. When it’s trying to “map” a room, it’s trying to build a “target” list from what I can tell.

I’ve never owned (and 99% chance never will) a iRobot vac. My neato set the standard and for my house, it wins and it’s navigation it hands down the BEST out there. My iRobot scooba 450 isn’t as good as the previous model’s abilities but after almost 3 years, it stopped putting down water and I couldn’t unclog the little hoses. It would spray, scrub and vac all in one pass. The new one sprays, then goes back and scrubs (I guess it’s letting the water soften the dirt or something), then it vac’s. To this day, when I empty the dirty water tank, it has nothing in it. I’ve talked to iRobot, they say, "oh, if the water dries before it has a chance to vacuum, it will be empty… Well duh… But even when I explain, no, there’s water on the floor still so why isn’t it sucking it up. It was like arguing with a teenager. I just said screw it. I’ll run it till it dies and be done with irobot. There are people who swear by these things and I’m sure for some homes, they work great. But for the scooba version, waist of money.

Once upon a time I had a Roomba. I got tired of cleaning it - how ironic.

Anyway at least I didn’t have to go through this!

You can get the 650, which has scheduling, on Amazon for $296 (prime)

I’ve had 1 scooba and 3 different roombas of various models. All are still working fine and cleaning away.

If I needed another one, I might consider buying. I am definitely a believer!

I had roomba vacs since they first made their appearance. We are on number three. They do a good job of keeping things surface clean. When I get a call from mother that she is surprising me with a visit, I am able to vac and run around and pick up trash at the same time. Long hair and dog hair do require one to empty and clean the brushes more often but that is only a little inconvenience. I love my roomba robot, it’s my cleaning lady.

Then there is the cleaning the unit. Had cats (had being the operative word here). Been there… done that. Though I like earth tone colors, we need to protest and get some kind of wet/poop sensor on these bad boys. No need to spread the love all throughout the house.

These are the biggest fidget spinners yet!