iRobot DirtDog Model 1100



Anyone know what these go for?


Note: This post contains pricing information for future reference because it is generally not available elsewhere once the next Woot has been offered.

iRobot DirtDog Model 1100
$99.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 iRobot DirtDog Model 1100


i dont trust these self auotomated mechanized cleaning units.

i prefer my vacuum to have a hande.


why does woot seem to like these auto foor cleaning things?


So can we expect mail-order brides on wewt soon?


I am extremely offended by the mail order bride comment!!

I demand censorship…

It wasn’t my moms choice…


Frooglen it up again! Not a bad deal…

About 129.99 on Froogle…

Not amazing discount but a good deal nonetheless…Enjoy!



yesterday’s post was fun… i’m taking it easy tonight… but the links are still there…
all the comparison shopping links… for this woot and past woots… p.s. i like this one a lot…


Wow, tough call.

I’ve already got a Roomba and a Scooba that I bought from Woot. Very happy with the Scooba, kinda happy with the Roomba.

On the other hand, how often does my GARAGE need to be vacuumed?

I need to mull this one over.


What is this model exactly? It picks up dog poo?



I think that Woot’s slogan should change from “One day, one deal” to “One week, one vacuum.”


Completely worthless…unless my Roboraptor would have fun chasing it.


so many irobots. I have no idea if this a “woot”

Anyone from personal use ?


How many of these iRobots can there be, it seems there is a different one out for everyone. Do these come in sports models, might be interested in one of those, you know I could do the floors while watching football.



these go for 129.99 at the irobot store with a free 30 day trial


how noisy is it?


Dang. I got the Roomba already from the $139 deal that Woot had before Christmas. Got it, use it, recommend it, really like it a lot. Am hoping to strike a deal on a Scooba sometime now, so I can auto-mop our tile floors. Guess not tonight… g’nite all…


So is the iRobot company and Woot one in the same???.. just curious!!!