iRobot Looj 330 Gutter Cleaning Robot

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iRobot Looj 330 Gutter Cleaning Robot
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I really want one of these. Anybody have any real world experience with them?

These have been sold here before, how about some reviews from previous purchasers?

I got one of these from Woot. It actually works. However, you must watch it. Use the remote to “back and forth” to ensure that it does not ride up onto the gutter muck and fall out.

My goodness. For that kind of money I’ll get my ladder out of the basement and clean them myself each spring.

I’ve had both first and second generation Looj’s (this one is at least 3rd gen) and with a few caveats, they’ve been fantastic.

I don’t have any experience with the “automatic” feature but I’d be hesitant to use it. Like thejohnchapman says, you will need “back and forth” it in some spots or it will ride up on top of packed leaves.

  1. Make sure it will fit your gutters. They provide a printable template online to get an idea of how much clearance you’ll have.
  2. Check the condition of all of your gutters. I have a 30+ year old house with original gutters and over time, the gutter sags/twists in some places. Plus some of the gutter spikes are looser than others. There are some spots where I have to take it very slowly going back and forth a few times.
  3. Watch the wind! I’ve had a mild breeze catch the house just right and blow the leaves back up on the roof.
  4. Tie a long rope to it. It’s a convenience thing but on a few occasions, I’ve had to pull it back when the battery suddenly crapped out.
  5. It may try to twist and flip over. Even the newer design auger isn’t 100% guarantee against it. You can usually just reverse the auger a few times and it will right itself. (It does work upside-down but forward and reverse will be switched).

The biggest advantage to this generation IMHO is the lithium battery. The first two generations used NiCd and after several seasons of storage, they can lose considerable capacity.

I was one of the suckers that bought this last time around. I do NOT recommend for a couple of reasons: 1. the battery does not last long so if you have a house of any size you’ll have to recharge multiple times. 2. unless ALL that is in your gutter is perfectly dry wind blown leaves, this will not work. My gutter had pine needles in it with some shingle particulate which washed off the roof and it got hung up every 3 feet. It took me about 1/2 hour to get 20 feet before I threw in the towel. Also, after that 20 feet, the battery was dead.

This may work if you have completely dry gutters with only a minimal amount of leaves in them.

I only post this because I would like to save someone else the experience getting 20 feet down the gutter and realizing that you threw away $100+ on something that doesn’t work. I have to admit that I read the bad reviews and thought to myself “but I bet it will work on my gutters”…it did not.

The fact that it is on woot multiple times per year kinda speaks for its self.

Seems interesting, but really if you’re going to invest that kind of money to keep debris out of gutters why not just get guards installed. They have really great ones these days that work amazingly well at letting water in but not other stuff.

Make sure you have a ladder extension pad for your feet.The more you arch your feet on a ladder and grow older then you will realize foot problems tend to hang around for weeks after exposure! You can’t work on them!

I was just going to use the ladder to get on the roof and then the garden hose to clean the gutters, the way I usually do each year.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. This thing is a piece of overpriced junk. Short battery life, gets stuck, requires you to climb on the roof and follow it along as its remote is garbage and has about 3 feet of range. The battery compartment is poorly designed and requires considerable force and a screwdriver to pry the battery out (which you’ll frequently do as with a standard ranch it barely makes it through one side before needing a recharge). Charger has no indications of the state of the charge not even a green or red light. It does a good job throwing the debris back on the roof so the rain can wash it back into the gutters. Throwing the debris over the gutter by reversing the auger direction would seem to be a good idea but the POC can’t get the debris over the gutter lip. Take the money you’d spend on this garbage and buy gutter guards. Then you can forget your gutters for good instead of cursing yourself everytime you look at this expensive piece of junk.

I bought one during a previous offering. To say I am not pleased would be an understatement.

Unless I was standing on a ladder within a few feet of the unit, it would not respond to the remote no matter what. If I have to be up there on a ladder the entire time, it kind of defeats the purpose.

I got one several months ago… it does work and cuts down on the number of ladder ups and downs. However… the brushes wear out after several uses. the part is minor and probably costs about 59 cents to make. The company sells the replacement piece in a kit which has parts you probably don’t need. That kit retails for $99 last time I looked. I think I found it on one website for $59.95…needless to say I’m back to many ups and downs on a ladder. Harder on my legs, but much softer on my pocketbook.