iRobot Looj Gutter Cleaning Robot

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iRobot Looj Gutter Cleaning Robot
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How would you Looj your gutters?

Just when you thought you’ve seen it all ! Who the hell needs this ?

People with lots of gutters that regularly need clearing?

My gutters are filled with pine needles on one side of my house…will this help?

4.0 Stars over at Walmart

Not according to many of the 1-star reviews on Amazon. Pine needles apparently cause this to do aileron rolls.

Yeah this looks easier to operate than a gloved hand???

My mother’s house is on a hillside. On the uphill side, cleaning the gutters is no problem, just lean the ladder on the house and brush 'em out. But on the downhill side, the roof is over two stories above ground, higher than most affordable safe ladders. Unless you want to get on the roof and risk a fall that far onto pavement, it’s not easy to get at those gutters.

Seeing a gadget like this has an obvious appeal for houses like that.

But I’m not sold yet, will have to read the reviews.

Don’t judge.

I had one of these and it didn’t work well on my gutters. Unless you have the larger sized gutters it will,hang up on the supports. Added gutter guards and haven’t had a problem in years.

And evidently there is a HUGE and separate “accessories/adapter” pack that is purchase separately. Hire a college kid if you can’t get on the roof. And yes, I have a Queen Anne with 12 pitches on the roof.

I can’t believe gutter cleaning robot is so far beyond our technological capabilities. This thing’s a mess though.

I bought mine a few years back. Set it up on one end of a gutter full of leaves and turned it on. It flung a little bit of muck out, got stuck for a moment, then used its tank treads to climb on top of the leaves, swinging its paddles wildly but fruitlessly, until it managed to catch a nail in the garage and fling itself out and to the ground.

It traveled about half the distance of a 20 foot gutter before that happened, but it cleaned no more than the first six inches.

Yep. Gutter Guards. To those who have K-style gutters, get them. I got Flexpoint on sale somewhere, but Ameriflex Gutter Guards are rated just as high.

For a medium sized home you’d probably spend on gutter guards what you spend on this damn cleaning robot…and you still need to get on a ladder.

For people who are against the guards, for a small house like a cape cod or low 2-story with vaulted ceilings, just get a leaf blower with a gutter cleaning attachment. It’s basically just a 12ft long rigid hose with a flexible 120 degree “hook” on the end to blow in the gutter. They work great and cost <$100 INCLUDING a leaf blower, which you probably need anyway if you have debris in your gutters you likely have debris in the ground!

That sounds all well and good…until said college kid falls off of your roof and sues the ish out of you because he’s not insured.

I have one of these and they work well if you use it properly. I call bs to people that claim it climbs the pile and/or hangs up on supports. If you move slowly down the gutter and allow the brush time to clean out the debris in front of it, there’s no way it would climb the pile. I’ve had mine for over 6 yrs! It’s nice for sloped yards that have high gutters on one end.

I have a 50 foot drop from the gutters on the front of my house to the ground. So that’s a yes.