iRobot Looj Gutter Cleaning Robot

oh gahh if i only had use for it

I know they’ve sold these here before. Anyone who owns one want to say how or how well they work?

I might have to agree this time.

This site is like QVC on crack.

We are now officially in the gutter. Woot. How has it come to this?

Im so proud of our wooters they dont post FIRST!!! every time

s’not a clone if its by the same company… its a cousin :wink:

Yes, finally and iRobot…Roomba can’t be far behind.

I finally figured out what to do with one of these, put a wireless cam on it and drive it around spying on the people next door, via my gutters.

wrong irobot product! bring on the roomba 560!


Don’t buy this. It doesn’t work.

Is this Linux compatible?



I’m afraid to go pee because this is my first wootoff. What happens if I miss something amazing? D:


Actually, this thing works quite well.

Looks like a gutter shark.

I wonder if the woot people would try to reward all those people who stayed up all day by making a BOC that has a coupon code which is revealed by answering a sort of scavenger-hunt set of questions based on what was sold earlier in the woot-off. Now that I’ve thrown that absurd idea out there for the world to see, I’m going to bed.

Wow, actually really really neat.