iRobot Looj Gutter Cleaning Robot

Linux sucks.

use MS-DOS

Just today, I was just staring at my overflowing gutters today thinking to my self, “I should have bought one of those gutter bots during the last Woot off.”

The Woot gods do not disappoint

take it from a wootoff vet…go pee.

Um, I live in LA. We don’t have gutters. At least not attached to our houses.

I believe you have just persuaded many to buy it.

Oh, god, this is going to be another Candi the stripper wait.

i need a scooba and roomba 560.

after watching that… a better use of it might be as a dildo…

Does anyone know if this is an effective environmentally friendly alternative to toilet paper?

why’d you have to go and mention it??? the next item comments are gonna be full now…

i thought it was a toy… dangit, would almost buy it just because it looks cool

nothing nothing nothing

i want to at least buy something before i go to bad. come on give me something useful.

just go man, it’s gonna take a while for this to be sold out.

heck, who needs RC toys when you can have one of these… I WANT one, but… I… oh, let it be sold out when i refresh… just a sec…

woot, why do you edit my comments?

edit these for me too:


bad words!





Everybody needs to want something. I need You to want to need this enough that you want it. And buy three. Go.

Watch the video above, it actually works realyl well. Surprisingly.

Wow, I didn’t think there’d be another Woot-Off, especially on the 22nd and in the middle of the week and just under a month since the last one…

i think the problem is that u still have to climb up a ladder to use one. Therefore… get 2, one for each side of your house and just leave em in the gutter all year long!