iRobot Roomba 405 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

If I didn’t already have three Roombas, I’d get this. They’re great for old folks with back problems like me. No joke. My baseboards and floors stay fairly clean now, but cats hate them.

This thing sucks!

  • George Michael

Not an Ohmetric 3 in 1 Workstation Notebook Case.

I would like the backpack, please!!!

Swell! In for 3 x 3!

I LOVE my Roomba, it’s great for getting the dust and cat hair off the tile and hardwood and even for a bit of a sweep of the area rugs while I do other things like dishes, laundry and couch surfing, It’s NOT a substitute for a good vacuum though, it’s a sweeper and, well (here it comes) this one is DIRT CHEAP ~groan~

If I needed another, I’d be in.

$237 on Amazon (with good reviews) and 2 bills on eBay.

Tempting, just for the fun factor.

I don’t think this one can be scheduled without an upgrade.

And I don’t think it comes with a Home Base for it.

wootoff is over. finally a roomba.

$129 from Roomba at Good deal!

looks a great deal considering its not a refurb. I just always figure that these guys cant handle our cat’s fur…


Knowing woot shipping, it’s probably going to be Thursday, April 29th.

Can this model handle fringe/tassles on rugs?

I need to make my roombas some batteries. :frowning:
They have been dead for awhile.

Dirty floors.

Yes. It has a filter. I’d seriously recommend getting a higher end model than this, because without a docking station for it to recharge, and the lighthouses to keep it in one area, the Roomba loses its automated cleaning functionality that its useful for.

I’ve had this model for about a year and a half now, and I like it but I wish that I would have got a better one.

Will they offer the dueling harness for it as well?

Alas no home docking crib…a homeless Roomba for sure!

nice new word filters w00t!!!

what does this not have that the more expensive ones do?

those of you looking for Berries Over Compost will just have to wait