iRobot Roomba 418 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Bundle

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New iRobot Roomba 418 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Bundle, for $149.99 + $5 shipping
2 different products:[list][] 1x iRobot Roomba 415
] 1x Roomba Self-Charging Base
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Roooomba, these any good? Any power to them?

Just like all the Roomba’s, this one gets good reviews. 4 stars on Amazon…

Ehhh… more Roomba’s… You can only own so many of these before the band together and kick you out of your house for not wiping your feet!

I have a Roomba and the virtual walls are key. Just from my experience and it really cuts down on your regular vacuuming.

if i bought one of these I’d be surfing around on it with my Wii

In what scenarios would you use the virtual walls? (I am aware of their function)

“All your rug are belong to us!”

Raise your hand if you haven’t ALREADY bought at least 2 Roombas!

Anybody know the projections for the next woot-off? I thought there was some ultra-geeky site that gave statistics .

I used to think the Roomba was a stupid item, until I got one in my BOC. Only then did I realize what a kick-ass invention the Roomba is. No matter how much I vacuum the Roomba can always find more animal hair, dirt, dander etc. If you are on the fence on buying this item, buy it. I am in for one more, as we want one on each floor of our home. ROOMBA ROCKS.

To keep the roomba from a section of a room, like to do only 1/2 of a room instead of the whole room… for example to not go under your bed maybe… lol

To keep them from moving out of an area. My livingroom opens into a hallway and then another room. Without the walls, my roomba will try to clean all three areas, but the battery charge isn’t enough to clean all three at once.

Sales copy: why Vero Beach? Why not Miami? Or Punta Gorda? Or even Daytona?

Tossed my first and last ROOOOOMBAAAAA in the dumpster a few weeks ago and never looked back! Maybe Wall-EEEEEE will find it and give it to EvaaaAAAAA!

My thoughts… serious piece of shit, I personally spent more time cleaning the damn Roomba than it would take to vaccum my own place…and dont get me started on the life of the battery… yikes… just thinking about the $330 I spent on this when they first came out makes me want to go downstairs and take it out on the punching bag in my garage!!!

For $150, why not get a full-power vacuum? Sorry, I’m not that lazy! It is cute, though…

The Roomba Song…


Submitted to digg…

Actually these are pretty good vacuums, if you clean them and etc., everytime you finish using them. I bought 1 off woot, (my very 1st woot). We use it in our bedroom, and it cleans quite well. And it was refurbished. Am very happy with it. Give it a try.

I use virtual walls to keep the Roomba out of the kitchen and bathroom, and just let it roam the other areas of the house.

I have 2 Roomba’s, and they’re a huge help around the house. They pick up an amazing amount of dirt from the carpets… and my carpets are always nice and fluffy.

This is a great set with the home base and extra brushes and such… but be aware this model doesn’t include the Scheduling remote. It is compatable with the Scheduler remote, though… and you can find those on Ebay all the time for cheap.

woooot! I’m from Vero Beach, Florida.
small world right?
fuck those retarded pigs in vero.

here’s a link to the original for those OUT of the know