iRobot Roomba 4296 Remote Scheduler Robotic Vacuum

iRobot Roomba 4296 Remote Scheduler Robotic Vacuum
$139.99+ $5 shipping

1 iRobot Roomba 4296 Remote Scheduler Robotic Vacuum - Color May Vary

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Who is this electronicsxt person, and why is he above me!?!

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find the comparison engine listings for this one on the blog… cuz that’s what its for… btw… can someone explain the diff between re-manufactured and re-furber’d… in honor of Heros coming back tomorrow, i made sure to stop time and write something more interesting in this blog at some point in the future… maybe a year… probably more like a minute… turned out to be 4 minutes… not bad.

Remanufactured? Fancy.

Maybe I should pick one up for cleaning the attic. It gets quite dusty up there.

Bah! I never got my cat back after the last one. Good Night.


Hey, did you hear about Steve? Yeah, the doctors say it’s inoperable. INOPERABLE! I SAID INOPERABLE! DAMN, I FORGOT TO TURN ON THE VIRTUAL WALL! THE ROOMBA’S GOT ME CORNERED! Hey, hey, robot! What do you think you’re doing? Let go of that! Ow! Get off my – ow! HEY, I’VE GOTTA GO DEAL WITH THIS ROOMBA! IF I DON’T CALL BACK IN 15 MINUTES, CALL THE POLICE!

Robotic home cleaner… Sure could use it :stuck_out_tongue:
But not at this price… thanks Woot… I love my exercise more :wink:

Ill buy a Robotic anything the day it starts doing my laundry and cleans my room

Scheduling capability allows you to program your Roomba to clean at a preset time, up to 7 different times per week, all at your convenience. Now this makes another roomba purchase worth wild.

If your new to woot, And do not own a roomba. The time is now!!

ooooh. a few months and a few paychecks too early.

we’re moving from and all tile apartment into a massive 3 bedroom carpeted apartment this summer.

put this up again in august and i’ll buy for sure.

The product description’s oddly entertaining, but that may be because I’m extremely tired.

My Oreck vaccuum works fine, thanks.

TrackWoot with the ribs Amazon, PriceGrabber and Froogle Links

No Woot yesterday, no Woot today. Looks like it’s going to be a no-woot weekend for me!

Looks like Woot has sold the iRobot line 35+ times (from my count) – Updated 11.19.2007.

Imagine that! A Roomba. On woot. What are the odds?

Actually I’ve owned 3 of these and they are awesome. They go where regular vacuums can’t and can work while you’re away (unlike the wifey!).

Standard Roomba comparison chart is at this link (Excel spreadhsheet format).

This 4296 seems to be a little different than the spreadsheet, as it claims to have TWO of the virtual walls.

What does “Remanufatured” mean? I don’t think I’ve ever seen that one before…

It is the same thing as “Refurbished” or is that different.

And how well to these things really work?

I hate roombas. They’re like the pigeons of the vacuum world.