iRobot Roomba 4296 Remote Scheduler Robotic Vacuum

Do these actually work? Or do they spend a majority of their time running into a wall like a dizzy cat?

cuz they’re a bunch of bullies… :frowning:

Anyone has one ? I’m thinking of buying one… can’t decide… any opinion on this particular model ?
(it’d be a gift for my parents)

[EDIT] Bought one \o/

Bought this one a couple of weeks ago. It’s absolutely great. Keeps the hairball tumbleweeds from forming, and I’m always amazed at how much stuff ends up in the bin each time (I have hardwood floors, and it’s scheduled to run Mon, Wed, and Fri mornings). Two cats and one large dog who all shed like crazy. Even when the floor looks clean, it manages to pick up a binful.

That said, you do have to make sure to clean it properly to keep it working. On the iRobot forums, I see posts from people implying that they only run it once a week or so “so that it won’t wear out as fast” or some such. That’s actually the best way to clog it up, overload it, and burn it out. It’s designed for light loads every day, not a heavy load once in a while. In addition to emptying the bin you need to take the brushes out once in a while and clean the bearings of twisted up fur.

Happy Birthday, Roomba


Cat pictures people, I need cat pictures.

it’s clipping along… but seriously why???

seriously dontwantaname, say ‘revenge’ for me… say it like you mean it :wink:

Finally bought one of these. I’ve been waiting for the Scheduler for a while, but kept missing it on woot-offs due to bad timing. In for one!

Bring on the Bridge of Corn!

Happy birthday, roomba!

Happy Birthday, dontwantaname!

anyone else having issues with the front page? When mine loads it says “1 comment”, and won’t refresh to update…

dontwannaname, read this:

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Don’t want no rhoomba vacuum,
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Dont know anything about cats. I have a Golden Retriever that sheds like ehll. My Roomba keeps up with the hair on the hardwood and carpets.

I love my Roomba. Just waiting for a Scooba to appear.

I love the Roomba. It is ingenious. It not only vacuums it executes some serious math.

Make sure you get one that does NOT have internet capabilities. Mine logged on and ordered 3 of its buddies and trashed the place.

I thought everyone bought them just to watch them run into a wall like a dizzy cat.

Someone say cat pictures?