iRobot Roomba 4296 Remote Scheduler Robotic Vacuum

Make sure you get one that does NOT have internet capabilities. Mine logged on and ordered 3 of its buddies and trashed the place.

I thought everyone bought them just to watch them run into a wall like a dizzy cat.

Someone say cat pictures?

I wonder if dontwannaname is going to probate the whole lot of us for posting happy birthday dontwannaname

I don’t which is worse seeing another one of these or that dog pic.

You remember that scene from “Short Circuit?” The one where the robot gets hit by lightnng and goes careeming crazily around the room until its smoking remains come to a halting stop? It’s like that.

Happy Birthday, dontwantaname!

Someone needs to make a woot app for my iPhone!

where o where are the BAGS O CRAP???
i have things to do today :frowning:

I was a skeptic, but bought one on the wootoff a few months ago, and I love mine! It’s actually really good, I was super impressed. Just clean it well and take care of it, and it’ll do really well!

These are crappy, bought one and stopped working after using it like 3 times. Also it was sold on here for $99 now the same model for 109?


saffari “is” your woot app for the iphone…

Finally bought one – I’ve been having Roomba cravings for a while (must be the male-toy-syndrome). Also want to watch it terrify^Wclean up after the animals.

Not a dyson, true, but should clean up the daily cat litter minefield we face every morning.

Yay a woot-off!

I realize I am behind but I just got to work and turned on the computer.

I really wish we could have one of these but my jack russell would be stalking it and it would be come a $100 chew toy.

My 2 cents on this Woot!

I purchased a Remanufactured 4296 Scheduler on Woot in November and received this one .

I gave mine to my wife on Christmas. Believe it or not, she was not thrilled at my giving her a vacuum.

Our Roomba did not much like the Christmas tree, or more precisely the piles of needles under it (my Hoover does not like those much either, they stick to the carpet).

We have a hair/dirt generator, also known as a Golden Retriever dog. She sheds 24x7x365. Roomba gets it up nicely. I have run the Roomba right after the big Hoover and it still finds dirt. Part of that is because the Roomba fits under the couch and chairs. And the dog sheds faster than any vacuum can pick it up. The first time it went under the couch it stayed there forever eating dust bunnies. Now it is not as bad.

Hardwood floors - I run it around the kitchen and it moves between the chairs and table legs easily. This area is a favorite hiding place for giant clumps of dog hair, as the dog tends to lay under the table (easier to grab food from the kids there). It does a better job than a broom on this floor. Battery runs forever on hardwood.

Thick carpets are a pain for Roomba as the brushes really have to work to get through it. This means that it cleans, but the battery dies sooner.

Short pile & Berber carpets are a dream for Roomba, it runs on them just fine.

Wires can be a problem. The first time you let it run around a room, be aware of wires, especially ones running behind couches. Electrical and lamp cords were not so bad, they are heavy and stiff and this not likely to get pulled up into the Roomba. Thin wire like telephone and speaker wires will more easily get wrapped around the beater brushes. I always just bunched up any excess cord (from speakers) and tossed it behind the couch. After my Roomba got stangled by the wires I bundled them together more neatly and it does not get caught anymore.

The dog seems to hold the Roomba in contempt. Not hatred like the cat that lives next door, just contempt. The will lay down on the floor when the Roomba is running and stare at it, daring it to make her move. When the Roomba does bump into her, she gets up and moves to another spot and begins a staring contest with it (not all dogs are smart). I have heard of animals being frightened by Roomba or attacking it, but I’ve not seen that with mine.

The Roomba requires some maintenace, especially with the dog. The dust bin(which is just like a dust buster vacuum) must be emptied after or even half way through each run. Dog hair can clog up the brushes (and the brushes are the real work horse of the Roomba, not the vac). Since mine has long hair it wraps round and round the brushes. I just use scissors to slice the ring of hair and pull the whole thing off the brush. Whenever I use my shopvac is the garage I make a point of brining the Roomba to it and just sucking any dirt our of the nooks and crannies of the unit.

It is also possible for the unit to get stuck under furniture. This happens if the furnitre is just barely high enough to fit under, or has an uneven bottom edge. When this happens the unit just keeps cleaning and trying to get out. If it runs out of battery while under the furniture it will sing a tune every once in a while so you can find it. The virtual walls are nice, I use them to keep it out of areas that I More of these! NOW! it in. With the scheduler, I can make it run whenever I want.

My wife now really likes the Roomba, as it can run around cleaning while you are doing something else (unless like me you just open a can of beer and watch it run around - which kind of defeats the whole time-saving idea). There is much less dog hair on everything now. I am now watching to see when a Scooba comes up on Woot.

When they invent the Commoda to clean toilets, I will be first in line to buy. It may be waterproof, bu I would not suggest putting a Looj in the toilet to clean it.

awww man!!! i thought today was gonna suck…until I found out there wwas woot off…but now i think its gonna suck again cause its a Roomba :frowning: lol

“It Might Be Her Birthday” you say?.. Well, just to be safe… Happy Birthday dontwantaname!!!