iRobot Roomba 510 Vacuum Cleaning Robot

Nope, so no woot for me. $250 for 560 or bust.

really the 530 and up is the one you want. the 510 ain’t bad for this price but the 530 drives back into it’s charger when it’s done which is very convenient.

wow…a new 500 series for $150? i just bought my refurbed bot and i love it. this is a damn good deal. if i had the money, i’d be picking it up as a Christmas gift for my mom (all her carpets have tassels). heck. i’d pick on up for me too. 2 Rombas in every home!


“2560 BC: an estimated 15,000 Hebrew slaves die cleaning the floors of the Great Pyramid of Giza.” while being a joke (obviously), sounds pretty crappy under the headline of “Great Moments In Floor-Cleaning History”

Does anyone know if these things do ok going over a wood floor, then over area rugs, etc. Just wondering if there are any problems with them getting hung up.

You People and you ROOMBA’S!
I think it’s funny how serious people are on the reviews on these things! It’s just a toy vacuum heh heh. I hope I don’t have to see another of these for awhile please buy them all, they are the best thing ever! GO FOR THREE!
P.S. Sellout.woot has the matching carpet $5 a yard!

I don’t want one anyways I am married and I don’t want my iWife getting lazy anyhow.

I like that it’s new, and the newer model…I’ll finally join the Roomba club. Thanks Woot!

They can handle most transitions as long as the difference in height isnt too big. The 5xx models also have a feature to help prevent it getting caught up on tassles and cords.

these things are on here a lot. Can anyone tell me if they work on ceramic tile with half inch grout lines or do they get stuck on the cracks? Maybe I should wait for the 4 wheel drive off road version

I think WOOT can single handedly thank themselves for the boting of households across America. Little sucker droids are happily gobbling up the chips, twinkie crumbs and navel lint from geeks across this fine country of ours. May the droid revolution spread! Lets hear it for the RUMBA!

(Don’t you ever sell out of these little suckers Woot? They are perrenial.)

This same model number was sold on December 19th. Save yourself some time - here is the forum discussion with similar questions asked. Cheaper now! I decided back then to buy the one from HSN. It was/is
a 535. Numbers greater to or equal to 535 have the virtual lighthouses.

Flagg knew a lot about this particular DISCONTINUED model number:

Here is some general info about the Roomba 510. The Roomba 510 was offered very briefly by iRobot, and quickly discontinued. It is the absolute lowest end model in the new 500 series of Robots. On the plus side, it has many new features and upgrades over the 4xx series that Woot usually carries - such as MUCH GREATER RELIABILITY - user replaceable parts - clear spoken error messages - light touch bumpers improved anti tangle intelligence allows it to clean in even clutteredd rooms with loose cables and fringe carpet, and is substantially quieter.

The bad news is that this model is very basic, and DOES NOT INCLUDE AN RF RECEIVER. Because there is no RF receiver built in, it can never use the new advanced accessories like the lighthouse virtual walls that allow for intelligent multi room cleaning, and it cannot use the wireless command center, so it can not be scheduled for automatic cleaning either. It also does not come with the self charging homebase, but that can be added at a later time if desired.

It originally retailed at $249, so this does represent a decent discount - but you need to decide if the features that it lacks are important to you or not before deciding on this model.

Here are some sites to check what the best current prices are on all of the different Roomba models:

Man, when I get a house…

Repping the 6-1-2 up in Minneapolis. Or is it the 7-6-3? Or the 9-5-2? Or the 6-5-1?

Roombas bought by me on WOOT have been awesome. But tired of seeing them all the time!!

Ohh, a 510! I’d be tempted, but I just got my scheduler in a few days ago and so far I am loving it… although I finally just figured out how to use the scheduling feature. I have it scheduled to vacuum whenever I am away at school and when I’m at work on Fridays. I’m surprised at how much it has picked up. I don’t have a pet, but I think that one of my roommates sheds.

I’ve actually been waiting and waiting for one of these, at this price, and also be NEW, and not refurbished. I thought I finally hit the jackpot, but if there’s no scheduling option, it just won’t fit my needs. Surprising that this is a newer model, yet it doesn’t have all the features of the older models. Necessary features at that. Oh well. I’ll keep waiting, watching, and hoping…

I have a very similar model (a version exclusive to HSN). I run it once a week, and I love it. I no longer vacuum my floors by hand, but I do use the hose on my upright to clean the dust chamber on the Roomba every few runs.

My Roombas will never be Commies. In fact, I have purchased each one of them life memberships in the NRA. Of course, the Scooba needs a stainless weapon, because of the water.

Seriously, though…these are real vacuums. They work quite well, picking up after the cats and dog. I am not sure why, but recently, Miss Daisy has started cleaning at 5:30 each day…I think maybe one of the cats has gotten hold of the remote and rescheduled her.

I don’t understand the “need” for scheduling. Just push the button on the top once in a while and save yourself the extra bucks.

Why do I get the feeling that if you zoomed in on that little circle at Roomba’s center, you would see a tiny little William Shatner shaking his fist at the sky and yelling, “KAAAAAAAHHHNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!”?

I can confirm this. This model was recently sold for $159 at (The current price at is now $199), and several people who ordered it confirmed that it WILL NOT work with the Virtual Wall Lighthouses, the Scheduling Wireless Command Center or the self Charging Homebase. It doesn’t come with the RF transmitter or the charging metal plates on the bottom that would allow the use of those accessories.

Here is a link to the thread about the Roomba 510