iRobot Roomba 530 Robotic Vacuum with Virtual Wall

4.3 stars on average from Buzzillions.

and 85/100 from Alatest.,340/

what are the chances this vacuum is going to scratch my baseboards and walls? How accurate is the sensor?

Does anyone have this in white and do white roombas stay clean/are they hard to clean? You figure white may not be the best idea for something that is always supposed to be in dirt…

here’s a manual

May I inquire as to how a Roomba is ‘refurbished’?

I do need a new (to me) Roomba.

How long does it run on one charge?

I have this unit and love it! Just be aware that there is some easy regular maintenance required (clean the filter, clean the rollers). No one likes to vacuum in our home and now, we don’t have to!


As soon as Dyson comes out with a roomba competitive model I’ll buy one. Until then pass…

Ok, jokes aside. I have a few virtual walls and a remote from my now defunct Roomba 415, and really looking for another Roomba to replace the dead one…

Will those walls and remote work with 500 series?


If I could only know the impedance!!!

its web site shows alot!

i got this one new from woot 1 year ago for $20 more. it’s great; works well. however i’ve had to replace the side brush (standard maintenence) and the brush assembly (brushes underneath stopped spinning; were covered by warrenty) considering an upgrade to a higher 500 series next time woot has one.

Does anyone know the life expectancy of the battery?

Does it work on tile floors?

Got one off Woot 2 months ago. Love it. Wife loves it even more.

Good stuff, but typo? The average rating on Buzzillions is 4.3, not 3.5. And it’s currently the #1 ranked robotic vacuum. Woot!

EDIT: saw that you just fixed it…

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