iRobot Roomba 530 Robotic Vacuum with Virtual Wall

Does this actually work effectively?

Virtual walls just don’t work as well as real walls…

Roomba returns.

(Over and over).

Yes, it does. It works best if you run it daily.

Anyone know if virtual walls from an earlier Roomba series (like 400) will work with this one?

I have one of these, and all i can say is that this Roomba S-U-C-K-S!!! Seriously, it will pick up everything! Works better than the upright it replaced!


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It will not completely replace your upright, but it is excellent for maintaining an already clean floor. Not to mention that it’s a vacuuming ROBOT.

i love mine. i have the exact same model from woot!. it’s good for in-between cleanings, it doesn’t hit every inch of floor every time. i suppose if you ran it daily or often it would be pretty effective at cleaning most spots.

i just wish it had the schedule option (lighthouse?) so i could tell it to automatically start while i was at work.

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Wow. Thing seems to get great reviews and new units seem to be twice as much. Just might have to snag one instead of waiting for one in a Bucket of Carp.

Will my cat mess with this when it runs?

Is the mighty Roomba capable of altering its form like in “Flight of the Navigator?” If not, then I don’t see how it could effectively reach corners.

Oh man!

I thought for a moment Woot ran out of Roombas! Haven’t seen one up for a while, especially during non-wootoffs!

I own the exact model, bought right here on Woot, of course! And it’s great!

This is the 3rd Roomba I have, the first two were 400 series, and let me tell you - these 500 series ones kick butt in comparison! It does the whole room for you, and all you have to do is spend about 5 minutes cleaning it afterward (and yes, you have to do it after every run, and be nice and gentle with it too). You would not believe how well a robot this size can take care of the room!

We now use our regular vacuum only a few times a year during major clean-ups! The entire routine vacuuming, done on weekly bases by this guy, and the room does end-up clean.

Disclamer - we don’t own hairy (or hairless for that matter) pets, but from what I’ve heard, unless your pet produces enough fur for a few sweaters a week, it can take care of that too!

How does this handle floor transitions? Can it go from smooth to carpeted floor?

They are the best I have 3 of them my sister has 5 of them bought one for my Mom and sent one to my stepmother they are the best. Would not live without it.

I got this about a year ago from Woot and I love it. It works great for light vacuuming purposes. Any heavily soiled areas, or if you have pets who shed quite a bit, will require the use of a traditional vacuum, but I run mine about three times a week in my living room and once a week in each of my three bedrooms.

Make sure you clean the brushes and dirt trap after each use and you should be plenty satisfied with it.

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Can you program it to control when the Roomba is running?